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Old 10-15-2013, 01:41 AM View Post #31 (Link)
Plummie (Offline)
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Shrill laughter trickled into the cell where he lay, crumpled and in rags. "What ungodly torture," muttered Humility, through gritted teeth. He no longer had cuffs around his wrists, but the feeling never did leave. He still felt chained in his cell, and what God would place him here? With children outside, playing, freely? Their laughter circled his head, and he hit it against the stone wall. It did not drive out the little voices in his head, the voices of Pride and Wrath were the loudest.

"What're you doin' Hummy? Hit your head?"

"Come on ol' pal, anytime at all. We can exact your vengeance, together." Things like that were always being said, and he was always being taunted by the demons. He had been in here for about a month, and already his bones were starting to stick out. Just three weeks, and he already felt he was going crazy. "Oh, but they say you were crazy from the start!"

"Tut, tut, Hummy. Playing with another man? Sodomy is one of the greatest sins you can commit." Something broke. Something snapped inside of his heart, and all of a sudden a roar erupted from him. Again, and again he bashed his head into the wall. His head started to bleed, and he lay there, clutching his head, trying to catch his breath. He was crying. Calling out for help from the guards, but not even a mouse bothered.

He sat up now, the laughter and playing seeming to have ceased. Finally, some peace. He closed his eyes, leaning his head back, relaxing. Enjoying the silence, that at first he never knew could be so peaceful. But then it started again. The children were playing, seeming to have only heard his cries, and his yells for only but a moment. "Kill them. Kill them all," he whispered to himself, over and over again as he began to rock. His mind was gone now, and with his newfound permission, Wrath stepped into the yard where the children played.

"Hello kiddies," slurred out of his mouth. A grin was on his darkened face, and his hair contrasted with his skin. Some said hello, a few waved, and many just stared. "Are we playing ball today?" The bravest, a small girl, nodded.

"Ya wanna play?" She held up the ball, and he shrugged.

"Why not?" She tossed it at him with a grin, and the kids began playing again. He tossed it around a few times, taking his time while Pride made his way into the dungeons. It would only be good if Humility saw what he had asked to be done. It would only be fun if he could see the look on Humility's face, watching these kids get chopped. Little stews, each of them were.

A change happened once more, but this time it was in Wrath's head. The whimpering had stopped, and this was the sign he had been looking for. "Show time," he said to the kids. The wall behind them, where Humility had originally sat in a heap, exploded. Some pieces landed on a few, and soon kids were running. Wrath couldn't let them get away and tattle, not at all. So he quickly grabbed them, rounded them up, after all they were all rather slow.

In a tight circle they were, laced with fear. A laugh came from Wrath, and Pride nodded towards them. "What're ya gonna do, Rakes?" Humility was clinging to Pride, whom was in the air. Pride seemed to just float with Humility to their eyes, but little did they know he had wings. They were torn, they had been broken, but they were not useless. He could always mend his wings back together again, always. Instead of answering him with words, Wrath ran a fingernail through one's throat. Humility's eyes darkened, and finally that lovely, near-death glaze hit them. It shone in his eyes, the fear, the guilt, the inner turmoil, and all of the apologies. You could hear him quietly praying, still holding onto the pathetic belief that God could hear him.

"Aww, is someone scared?" purred Pride, into Humility's ear. "Poor Hummy, Rakesy is being soo scary." A laugh came from Wrath as he began to slaughter them with his nails. They had grown, and were extremely long. The flesh was teared off their bones, chunks of muscle flying. He did not stop until their bodies were gone, their bones crushed. This had went on for nearly twenty minutes, and laughter came from Wrath once more.

"See this? Hahaha, you told me to do it, good ol' boy! I knew you could do it. What do you say?" Humility was silent, not even his mind stirred. "Nothing? No final words?" And so, Humility was left there. Drained of blood like a cow ready for slaughter. The words, He did IT stained what was left of the wall in blood.

Next word: Change
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Old 09-22-2017, 09:09 PM View Post #32 (Link) Permission to use
WordWizard (Offline)
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My story has a lot of deaths. I would like permission from anyone still online if I could use their's in m story. Of course, they will have credit with whatever name they prefer. I may need to make some edits. Please let me now.
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