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Old 08-30-2009, 09:49 PM View Post #1 (Link) It's All In Your Head
VonniiKP (Offline)
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this is a script that me and my friends compiled for a local drama competition in which we won

it is very long and runs for about 40 mins so i don't expect you to read it all but if you would read some of the monologues it would be greatly appreciated especially the pride monologue

Bright White Lights up. Desk down stage right, with a doctor figure sitting at it- back to the audience. Vertical bed centre stage with a girl tied to it. Doctorís assistant walks across the stage, handing the Doctor a mug of coffee. The assistant then takes a needle from the doctor and walks slowly towards the girl, who is hyperventilating at the sight of the needle. The assistant takes her head and holds it towards stage left and injects her neck. On injecting her neck, the girl and the 6 other patients (in the audience) scream and there is a black out.
Lights come up. Spotlight on the girl on the bed, stage centre and a lamp on the doctors desk. The rest of the stage is dimly lit. The girl begins the scene asleep but quickly awakes and begins to panic. Temptation is sitting further back and slightly stage right of the bed.

Temptation: (smiles) Good Morning
Doctor: (sternly) Name
Girl: (panicked and scared) who are you?
Doctor: Name
Girl: Youíre new. I donít recognize your face. Who are you?
Doctor: Name.
Girl: You must be a new doctor
Doctor: I am Dr William Crane. Name.
Girl: (pauses) Waterhouse. Hope Waterhouse
¨Doctor: Age
The girl stutters as she does not know
Temptation: 12
Girl: 12? 12 years old
Doctor: How long have you been here?
Girl: Here?
Temptation: One Year
Girl: A year?
Doctor: Do you know why you are here?
Temptation laughs as he knows something she doesnít.
Doctor: Why are you here?
Girl: I donít know
Doctor: Tell me Hope, What is your earliest memory?
Temptation whispers in the girlís ear for about 5 seconds
In a garden (short pause) my garden. It was spring (pause) we sat under the cherry blossom tree for hours (pause as if to recollect the happy time) my friends and I. It was hot, too hot; I was too hot (said bitterly) Elizabeth, Elizabeth was there, my godfathers daughter. She had a doll, prettier then most, much like her. My father had little time for childish things such as dolls. He had bought me one doll, many years before, but you know how swiftly favor can change. I was. It was dated. The sun had faded its once rosy cheeks and its hair was full of dust. The girls were all pleasant enough (very bitterly spoken) I could see them, laughing at me, I could hear them (calmer) just as silly girls do.
Elizabeth began walking towards the house, thoughtlessly dragging that beautiful thing behind her. How could she be so cruel? I couldnít let her, I had to stop her, she was being so vile. I grabbed her, her shoulder (mimes doing this violently) I didnít, I didnítÖ
Doctor: Come on out with it
Girl: I didnít mean to hurt her (guilty look) she was just so fragile. In the struggle, there was a Ė struggle. Her neck (pause) it was so easy, too easy to break, I didnít meanÖ
Doctor: You killed her!?
Girl: The poor thing, that beautiful doll, her head was torn clear off
Doctor: So you envied Elizabeth?
Girl: No, yes, no, no I didnít
Envy: Of course you did you couldnít take your hands off that pretty little doll could you? You wanted it so much you reached out your thieving little hands and took it all for yourself. But, in doing so, you broke the very object of your envy ah the ironyÖ the delicious irony of you situation.
How did he react when he found out, that father of yours? Did he scream and curse, did he rant and rave at your little indiscretion. Oh I bet he did more than that didnít he just.
Girl: (Weakly) Yes he did and e took his belt and heÖ (she breaks off sobbing)
Envy: So your father knew how to deal with naughty little girl, where did he hit you?
Girl: Who are you, how can you know these things.
Envy: Who am I?! you donít know, I come here and you donít know who I am. Well then, think back over the conversation does no possible suggestion present its self?
Girl: No,Ö you canít beÖ can you ?
Envy: So the penny drops at last, I was beginning to wonder. So little girl are you readyÖ
Girl: Ready, ready for what
Envy: For what, why for the rest of us, all seven will appear to you before the night is gone
Girl: All seven of who?
Envy: Why my dear, The Seven Deadly Sins
Girl: Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done (she continues muttering)
Envy: The false God canít help you here, (he begins to walk away) even he is afraid to treed here.
Doctor: Have you ever treated something you should have cared for with indifference? Not shown enough interest when you should have done?
Girl: Why should I have treated such a thing with indifference, (defensive) what an odd question. No I have never done anything of the sort! I care for everyone I should.
Temptation: Look who it is..
(Sloth enters to the music of Pink Floydís Time)
(Enters yawning) Will you stop that racket some of us are trying to sleep (music quickly fades) still now Iím awake weíd better get started. In case you havenít guessed Iím Sloth, the one that gets the least credit out of this. But thatís not to say I donít have a say in this. Although my attribute can hardly compare to the power of Wrath or the temptation of lust; it is still an attractive thing is it not.
SlothÖ the sin of doing nothing, of sitting down and watching the world go by without lifting a finger to help itÖ oblivionÖ the endless promise of nothing. Have you ever wanted to feel no pain, no emotion, nothing but the silence and never ending dark and the never ending calm?
My followers can be seen everywhere you go; even in this place. Despite these so called doctors bleating on about curing you, about retiring you to your natural busy state, what do they do? They give you drugs to calm you; they give to you a taste of oblivion, sweet oblivionÖ the promise of nothing. Instead of helping you, they send you into my loving arms. So you see, no matter where you go or what you do you always find meÖ little old me. Behind every promise, every busy action you find only the longing to return into my sweet emprise. What is sleep but a foretaste of what I have come here to offer you? When you lie down at night and watch the stars or whatever, do you try for sleep? Do you try to impose it on yourself? No! What you do is give yourself over to me. You close your eyes and empty your mind of all thought and emotion.
Now you lie there, after that ďDoctorĒ as given you over to me and you make not a sound; perhaps you have already given yourself over to me. Have you surrendered so easily (She protests for the first time)? No! You havenít have you. Have you not considered what I have to offer you, the promise of nothing. Does that not awaken any yearning in you: are you not in the least bit interested in what I have to say to you? Are you not bothered at all?
No you arenít you are to Sloth ridden to even offer any resistance to my entireties. (Now she protests, screaming and shouting at the top of her voice in a most un-Sloth-like manner). Fine, I see I cannot sway you, but when you hear from my friendís, remember my offer, you might regret it. Remember, itís all in your head

(As he walks away, the bells sound again, fading away nothingÖ a foretaste of oblivion)Ö
Doctor: What do you indulge in?
Girl: Indulge? Well, i... Regrettably I canít always take control over my myÖ (Short pause) temptation. But I always repent for my sins, I must.
Gluttony enters, pushing food trolley stacked with cakes and stops next to Hope
Anything to eat dear?
No? Well, never mind, all the more for me then. You know I adore cake, thereís nothing I like more than to come home after a long, difficult day and indulge myself with a little treat, but... youíd know all about that wouldnít you? (Laughs)
Oh stop your silly whimpering now, itís time you ate something, youíll never grow big and strong if you donít eat my little treats will you? Oh donít deny it, youíre desperate for a little indulgence arenít you? To feel the sugar melt on your tongue, taste the sickly sweet flavours wash over your mouth. I bet youíre salivating as I speak arenít you? Well no matter, weíll soon remedy that, but first I think itís time that we look at why you canít seem to help yourself when it comes to indulging, donít you? (Claps) I know, Iíll play doctor and you can lie back and spill out all your crazed little thoughts. (Sits on desk)
Nothing? Oh well that it a shame but, no matter, I believe I can tell you, thatís my job as a doctor isnít it? Ok then: diagnosis. Hope Waterhouse is a young, adventurous girl, who thought nothing of breaking into her-
Girl: (protesting) I didnít break inÖ
Gluttony: Yes you did! Now I canít have you interrupting me so rudely, no most definitely not. Right, why donít you have something to eat and be quiet.
(She forces Hope to eat a mouthful of cake)
Now then, Iíll carry on shall I? Adventurous little girl... thought nothing... ah yes, who thought nothing of breaking into her fatherís drink cabinet and having a taste of everything she could find, in fact she had more than a taste, didnít she? She drank to excess, I believe a doctor, (thatís me) would call it. She drank until she couldnít feel her legs, her hands. She drank until she could barely speak. And, you liked it, didnít you?
You loved it, so you drank more and more, enough to make you forget, to not even care where you went to sleep or if you would ever wake up.
(Hope doesnít say anything) Well, thereís your diagnosis, from your friendly Doctor Me. I think I would prescribe a nice tasty treat, how about a delicious jam tart? (Hope shakes her head) No? Well, enjoy your cake then
(She exits the stage lazily pushing the trolley towards Hope so that it spins round and the audience can see the grossness of the cake)
Doctor: Do you feel superior to others around you?
Girl: Superior? How can i? Im surrounded by people who have devoted their lives to helping people.
(Giggling at how she looks when tied up, a sense of laughing at how worn out and beaten she looks)
You donít know me. But I certainly know you. We have more in common then you think. Pride, vanity, narcissism, egotism. Know these words, nay, crave these words. For they Amount to your reason for being, your existence, our existence. Why do you look away? Does the truth burn a hole in your apparent innocence? Can you not swallow your pride and accept it? No, I know of course you canít. Donít pretend you donít love what you see, look in the mirror and tell me what you see. No you wonít, then I will tell you. Dainty pale hands, rosy slender cheeks, the very soul of your existence. When you look in the mirror, what is it that you see?
Beauty, self love they are one in the same. The desire to change yourself to become better then everybody else, better then perfect for you know where youíll be in ten years, when what you have has faded. You and I both are hidden behind a mask, but our own beauty shines through, lets not try to hide who you truly are.
I look at myself and I see perfection, as do you, donít try to disguise it. Without your looks you are nothing. You long to achieve perfection. You know it is well within your grasp. Just one or two alterations and you will be happy. (Starts applying clown makeup to girls face)
Do you feel that pride, do you admit that you are wrong, you know that it is true, who you are, and what you are. What you are is who I want you to be. Admit it, own it feel it with every fibre of your being. You love what you see, donít you? Ahh do I see your hesitance, almost consent. Beauty is a rare thing. You have it, you know you have it you use it. I know that you thought you were too good for him; he was too ugly, too poor.
Nothing is good enough for you, for us. We are so alike; both know we are too good for this world too good for any man to tell us what to do. You hate him, donít you he lies to you calls you ugly calls you a harlot you know itís not true. You know you are the best part of him. Donít run from the truth.
You know who I am now, I am you I am the best part of you, together we are the best part of this world. Do not shun me, you created me. I created you thatís how this world works we need each other. All you have to do is admit the truth.
When I look at you I see your luscious lips, your ivory skin your eyes that sparkle like diamonds. Ohh so you do like the compliments own up to who you are. It may be all in your head now but you know that it has come across before, you know who you are.
Admit it, admit it. But remember itís all in your head; Iím all in your head.
Doctor: Have you ever wronged another for personal gain?
Girl: Personal gain? Donít be so vile. What on this earth could drive someone to commit something so ghastly?
Doctor: So you have never stolen anything apart from the previously mentioned alcohol?
Girl: No. No I havenít!
Oh im sorry, I didnít see you there. My, you look awful, that was rudeÖam I being rude? I donít mean to, itís just this habit I have. Awful really isnít it (laughs). Do I know you? I recognise your face, mind you, I say that about a lot of people, maybe I got it wrong, am I blabbing on about nothing? Iím sorry, I do that sometimes. Its another of my, habits. Usually im more composed. Iím a lawyer you know. You know those donít you? Well, im a very respectable lawyer. People have mixed opinions about us, say were greedy, greedy? They wouldnít be saying that if they were in the dock about to get done for murder and itís us who can get them off scot free! I see it like a public service, like im doing something good for the world. Sure I get paid shit loads of money for it, (takes money from her bra and throws it up into the air) but why shudnt I. money makes the world go round u know, ever heard that saying? Well itís true. What would we do without money? What would I do without money? A little greed never hurt anyone right? Never hurt you.

Hope: What?

Opps, was I not suppose to mention anything? Was it our little secret? Oh itís not that bad, like I said, a little greed never hurt anyone. Did you like those necklaces?

Hope: What necklaces?...What are you talking about?

The necklaces you stole from your motherís jewellery box. Nice went they, apart from I prefer diamonds, yeah diamonds, or maybe rubies. Either way taking a little something nice is not a sin. Stealing more and more might be though (laughs then shushes herself). You got yourself a little habit there, taking jewellery that doesnít belong to you.

Hope: IíveÖI didnít takeÖI didnít steal any jewellery!

Oh is fine, we all have our little habits, I know I sure do! (Swings her vodka bottle and laughs) trust me darling, a little greed never hurt anyone (giggles). Oh and remember, its all in your head (giggles again).

(screams): I am not a thief! (Visibly confused she touches her neck and appears to be talking to herself) Mother? Nothing. Thereís nothing.. (pause) What?! Mother? I donít have it. Look. (pause) Mother.. IÖdonít understand. Iím not wearing your necklace. (pause) I canít got anywhere. Iím stuck here. Help me. (pause) Mother waitÖ(screams) wait! Where is she?
Temptation: Who?
Doctor: When was the last time you felt a connection to somebody?
Girl: a connection? Good heavens, what ever do you mean?
(Enter LUST dressed as nun, she goes to kiss GIRL on the cheek)
Child. Shhhh. Child. Hush Hush.
Donít you know who I am?
You know me
Come, come, lift up your eyes.
Itís me
I stroke your hair when you are sad
I kiss away your burning tears
You are no longer a child
What lies ahead hurts. What lies ahead. Ahead hurts.
Head hurts.
What lies ahead hurts.

Why donít you answer me?
Why donít you answer me?
(Suddenly very angry) Why!?!í

(Music goes up in tempo or song is changed. Change from nun to ĎlustĎ)

Youíre not seriously denying me are you? (Softer. Laughingly)
But weíre the best of friends.
The Very best of friends.
You love to dance donít you? Donít you?
All this power. All this.
Címon. You canít deny me. You canít.
You dance to my tune. You sing along to my song.
Címon girly, give me a smile. No?
Itís me! (Waves in her face)
Itís me! I dance down your thighs. I burn behind your eyes.
I know your secret.
You know, I know.
You want to want and you want to be wanted. I know.
Me too.
Weíre friends. Iím your friend.
We are the very best of friends.
You canít deny me
You canít deny
You canít.
(Laughs) Why would you want to?
You donít need to, you know.
I know.
Youíre only animal.
You need me.

Girl: I donít.

Oh but you do and you want to, wouldnít you be odd if you didnít?

Girl: No.

(Turns to give GIRL a big kiss)
Itís not your fault
Itís not theirs
Itís mineÖthatís what you want to hear isnít it?
Iíll tell you what you want to hear. Whisper secrets in your ear.
Feel how you want to feel.
Feed me! Feed me!
Iím starving
Hold me. Hold me
Heal me when I am sick
Iíve had everyone.
Every last one of them
If only for a second.
Some, some are harder to catch than others
Putting up a pitiful fight.
The cracks are there
Every last one of them.
My friends.

I am so alone.
So very alone.
I drown in a pit of bleak. A black longing that claws at your heart and crawls on your skin.
Can you not understand?
I want him. I want her. I want them. I want it.
I want it. I want them. I want her. I want him.
Will I ever be free?
I long for freedom.
Tell me a secret.
Whisper me a promise.
But keep it true.
Nobody tells me true.
You didnít think of that did you? Nobody. Not one.
Every second they lie. Every day.
And I lie back as they lie to themselves as they lie back, cry, crying false promises into the night.
And you! You are just as bad. You blame for all this. Blame me. Blame me? (laughs) Yet deny me.
You deny me!
Never .Never.
Iíve got so much on you.
I know all your secrets.
You cant deny me because, I know too much.
And Iíll always be there.
I am your secrets and my children will be your secrets and your children will be mine.
Iíll hide away in a masquerade of flowers.
Disguise myself behind flirtation, singing false songs of love from a soul.
You think you barely know me but I was there.
Wouldnít it have been easier if youíd agreed? You, agreed? (laughs) You, a greed? (laughs)
Címon! Take my side. (Stretches out hand) Take it!
Join my team. Willingly.
Say, I do.
You could have it all.

Doctor: Do you now remember why you are here?
Girl: No, no! its not true! Believe me! None of this is true. Its all lies!
So youíve seen the rest now see the best (maniacal laughter) oh my dear isnít this just dandy. Us two.. Ah my dear, we could have been made for each other.. The Loony and the Beast (laughter)
We have so much in common you and I. You took a knife to you father and I, (she protests) (shouting) Oh shut up! You know you cradled murder in your black heart when you lunged at him as you watched the blood run from his lifeless corps. That made my day that really did, the sight of you standing there screaming in rage and frustration at your pathetic , low ceiling life, jammed full of delicious angerÖ ah really whets my whistle as they say (girl cries hysterically)
(suddenly enraged) Stop your dammed whimpering woman and admit it (Wrath touches her cheek) You enjoyed it, as you thrust out the dagger as you took your revenge on that pathetic little worm of a father. (now pacing around) I was there when you road on the wave of anger as your dagger sailed towards his beating hears. Admit it you liked it, the cold fury that drove your hand.
And now you stand there whimpering and crying, how low are you. How low have you fallen. Down you go (giggles) down into the darkest pits of despair. And now you begin to realize the truth. Anger is your friend. It is your tool to escaping this cold and dreary place and joining me out here in the warm fires of anger and resentment.
I saw the look in your eyes when you spoke to my colleagues. Did the entrance you? Did they dazzle you with their petty glamour and cheap tricks? I am the real deal. My power has crumbled empires, and built new ones in their place. My very passing trembles the foundations of the world.
But you are special (he is speaking very plainly now, almost conversationally) oh yes indeed, you are one of the few people who has cradled my true power in their arms and has not fallen into its deep depths. You have not drowned the black waters of rage, you have not stood in the fires of anger and been consumed. You have wielded the power. My power Ö you have felt the flow of Wrath being channeled through you and have not been engulfed!
You are truly unique in this point in time. You are truly one of a kind: the last flame of anger in the dying embers of the fire. With your help I could sweep up those embers into flames again. You and I could stand here and watch the world burn and only with the flames of civilization dancing in your eyes, only then will you know your true self.
Join us and feel the power of the ages flow through you or lie here chained to a bed; a docile monster.
(he starts to walk away, calling over her shoulder..)
RememberÖitís all in your head
(Temptation comes out from behind Hope and begins to speak)
And now it is just us left. Dear Hope, I bet you wondered who I was, did you hear me, whispering in your pretty little ear. Did you think it was your conscience? No, you are so steeped in sin that you petty little conscience has turned into meÖ temptation, the amalgamation of all that has gone before.
My whispered hits, my subtle goads have lead you to this place. Who told you to break that doll , to say no to that boy, to neglect that rabbit, to drink that alcohol, to kill your own father. Behind every callous action, every sinful action I lurked and rejoiced at every indiscretion at every failed opportunity that passed you by I gave thanks!
Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction. (hope begins to pray to god) You pray to a God that you are not sure you believe in and you think he can hear you here.
Thanks to my master, I gave thanks to him THE PRINCE OF HELL himself, ladies and gentlemen give it up for his unholyness himselfÖ SATANÖ
So, now we know. Youíve been a very naughty girl. My dogsbodies have opened your eyes, and now Iím going to take over. Youíve not done to well on this mountain of survival. You see, life is an uphill trek. There are some who reach the summit, but most fall into the vast canyon of inexistence. You are the latter. You have wronged others and now, you will be punished. Look at me when Iím talking to you. LOOK AT ME! See, they are like you, they have committed the same indecencies to society that you have. They were once you, but they embraced their faults, and are now under my control. They are like you. I am not. I am the summation of all that is pure in this world. Evil is the only pure emotion. Everything else is forced upon you by your parents and figures of power; but only malevolence is basic animal instinct. Everything else you have been taught is tainted propaganda, designed to make you feelÖhuman. But, you are not human. Nobody capable of the things you have done can be called human. You are like a cancer, infiltrating society and sucking the joy out of anyone stupid enough to get too close. My job is to remove the plagues upon civilization, like you, and make them endure the horror of their deepest desires. You are, a freak, a vile exhibit to gaze at and ask ĎWhy?í ĎHow can someone do these things?í The answer is simple: you enjoy it. YES YOU DO! You adore the ecstasy you feel when your malicious urges seep out. You are a contemptible little harlot, who causes nothing but pain and misery. A sideshow, in the circus of sinÖ(circus music begins)
(The girl pushes the doctor to the ground and jumps off the front of the stage. Gluttony and vanity are waiting at the back and catch her, brining her back to the stage where the doctor, wrath, lust and greed take her and put her in the cage. All the sins are on stage hold onto the cage and spin it twice whilst the doctor and temptation are on the desk watching. When the cage stops the sins form a semi circle around the cage and the doctor jumps down. All the sins are performing their respective acts. Music volume brought down a bit)
Doctor: Bring it forward, bring it forward. We proudly present tonightís headline act: The Monstrous Beast. Created in Gods own image, and destroyed by its needs: ladies and gentlemen, I give you the human.
(The music get louder again and the sins surround the cage, laughing, screaming and banging the cage. The girl is scared. Blackout and music off)
Lights come up. Girl is in cage in bright light. She is screaming and crying
Temptation: Hope.
Hope: (Sobbing and screaming)
Temptation: Do you really have to make that much racket?
Hope ignores/doesnít hear him and continues hitting the cage
Temptation: (Shouts) Excuse me. (normal level) Is all that really necessary?
Hopes sobs quiet down but are still audible
Temptation: Getting better
Hope: (still sobbing) What do you want?
Temptation: To make you see
Hope: See what?
Temptation: (lazily lists) The thief you are. The liar you are. The murderer you are.
Hope: (screams the next line with anger and pain) No, Iím not! I am not. I havenít done anything.
Temptation: (laughs) Ok. Whatever you want. Whatever you want to believe. But you have been shown the truth. Shown your actions.
Hope: (angry) It was all made up. A story about someone else.
Temptation: Ok... (whistles)
Hope: Stop that
He whistles louder
Hope: (shouts) Stop!
Temptation: Whatís the matter? Am I annoying you?
Hope: (Screams) Yes!
Temptation: Tough. Think of all the people you have annoyed. Elizabeth who has a broken doll. Your mother with missing jewellery. Your father who.. well we all know what happened there
Hope: Stop! Stop talking! Its lies! All lies
Temptation: Ok then.. (gets up) I shall be off (walks towards stage left exit)
Hope: Wait! (Temptation continues) Iím stuck.
Temptation: Yes. Yes you are. (Turns around) Tough life isnít it. (walks off)
Hope: (screaming) Come back! Come back! (sobbing continues)
Hope is screaming and banging on her cage. She becomes quieter as pride sings.
Pride (hidden in the wings) starts to sing ĎThere was a little girl who had a little curlí, as she walks onto the stage.
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