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Old 12-03-2014, 03:29 AM View Post #1 (Link) The Rocky Mountain Chronicles book 1
Inspiredwriter (Offline)
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Chapter 1: The Story

"The mountains are a beautiful and terrible place," my father started as he always did. " They hold marvelous mysteries as well as horrible death. They are full of wild game few have ever seen. when I was a boy in my tribe,I had to kill a mountain cat to protect my mother. My brother and I were always getting in trouble. Your grandfather was chief, and I as his oldest son would succeed him. I"

"Your father was killed by a bear, right?" I asked my voice in a whisper. I was a boy of twelve years, and loved hearing about my father when he lived with his tribe the great mountains.My name was Jacques le Carpe.My mother was a daughter of a French trader who lived in Canada.Her name was Lustiana le Carpe.She met my father "Bear with a Wounded Paw" and they traveled south along the mountains into a valley were they built our house and had me.The name my father gave me was "Mountain Cat Who Wails" because when I was a child I cried, as my father put it " Enough to quench the Great Fires and much more." I hated to be called Jacqeus and my father rarely used my spirit name so I was called Jack.I had a mischievous face and the same brown complexion of my father. I had jet black hair that went to my shoulder.I was short but muscled and strong for my age.

"Yes my son,a great white terror named "Death Bringer" by my people. Your grandfather died protecting me and your uncle from that bear."

" Then you were driven out by your tribe right?" I interrupted again.

"Yes for it was my fault my father died. I tried hunting it, armed with a spear. Your uncle tried persuading me to not do it but I paid no heed. Your grandfather was told by my brother what I was doing and followed me.

"Weren't you on top of a mountain?" I asked, interrupting for a third time. I knew most of the story, because I had asked him to tell it to me many times.

"Yes, now listen and stop inturrupting please." He asked kindly and sternly. "The bears lair was close to the peak of the mountain so I followed it there. I snuck up alone, because my brother did not want to come. I hurtled the spear with all of my strength but it merely bounced off it's thick hide. The monster was close to twelve hundred pounds in weight and six feet tall standing on it's hind legs. The great beast charged me and I was certain I was going to die. Then I heard a whoosh and thunk and saw a huge shaft of wood sticking out of the bears shoulder. My father had thrown his stone head spear, much greater then my wooden one. The bear roared out in pain and was distracted for a moment, allowing me to run behind my father. My father pulled out his skinning knife and shoved me behind him. As he did this I tripped on a rock, a bit bigger then my head. It was pure white and I could lift it. The bear threw itself at my father. To protect me my father threw himself at the bear stabbing it in the stomach. The bear slammed it's paw into my father's chest, breaking his ribs and gouging him deeply with it's creat claws. My father flew into the caves wall and my father slammed his head on the rock and slumped down. The bear lumbered towards my wounded father, getting ready to deliver the finishing blow. Rage coursed through me, rage at myself for being foolish and trying to hunt the bear, rage at my father for sacrificing himself for me, and rage at the bear for being a mighty foe. I picked up the rock with both hands, leapt at the beast, and slammed the rock down on his head denting his skull. The bears white fur was splattered with red, and it turned on me. It surveyed me with it's black depthless eyes. Then it lifted it's paw for the death blow to end it all. I heard several twangs and I saw several arrows penetrate the monster. Many spears were suddenly thrown entering the bears body. With a great roar the bear,still not defeated, retreated into the woods, leaving us behind. I never saw the bear again.the reason that the men from my tribe had come was because my brother, Eagle with a Sharp Eye, had gathered them, warned them off what I was doing and they came to find my father injured and me about to die. Means my brother rushed to our dying father. His body was mangled from the claws and there was a pool of blood under his head. My father gazed at us through dimming eyes, and he had trouble focusing on us. " Father," I managed to croak out without crying, "Father please forgive me." My brother could only weep next to me.

"Bear with a Wounded Paw," my father said in a weak voice, addressing me. "This was the Great Spirits will, do not mourn me. You must lead the tribe, take care of your mother and do not quarrel with your brother. Eagle with a Sharp Eye" he said, now addressing my younger brother. "You must obey your brother. Watch his back with your sharp eyes." He said this barley above a whisper. The Braves all gathered around us as my father was slowly dying. " I can see the spirits now." he said, and then took his last breath.

"This is your fault." I heard my brother say in a growling whisper. He then stood and exclaimed to the braves. "My father has just died. His last words were that my brother was a fool and was unfit to take his place. As his only other son I should be chief!" As I rose , unbelief, anger, and hurt that my brother would betray me were a whirlwind inside of me. The Braves looked inbetween us and shifted uneasily."So, choose now who you will support. If you support me move to my side. If you support him!" he spit at my direction, " Then move to his side." The Braves looked at each other, and one by one moved towards my brother."Good , now as chief of the tribe, I sentence you to eternal exile from the mountains and our land!"the braves moved towards me with spears and lead me down the path to our village. I was disgraced as my brother told everyone in our temporary village what happened in his own words. I saw my mother look at me with horror etched on her face. Within the hour my brother appointed five braves to take me to a river that lead out of the mountains into a plain. They escorted me to the mountain edge by canoeing and I was left on the great plain. There I lived off the land for two days until I met a French trader named Jacques traveling with hos family. He saw me starving and sick because of the events that had just taken place. He assigned his daughter, a beautiful young French woman named Lustiana. We fell in love and I asked the trader once I was recovered if I could marry his daughter. He was delighted and we were soon married. But soon after the marriage disaster struck and Jacques died. Me and your mother traveled south when it became colder and settled here in this valley at the edge of the mountains when we saw how beautiful it was."

"Zhen you were born." My mother said. She had quietly entered the rom while Wounded Bear told the story.

"Now Jack, I do believe I have let you stay up longer then your bedtime." Wounded Bear said. I got up off the floor and gave him and my mother a hug and said goodnight.

"Goodnight my beautiful zon." my mother said. I went to my room, a walled off section within the house. It was a cozy little place with my bed in the corner and my toys on the floor. My father made the bed himself out of oak trees. I snuggled up under the blankets and thought about my fathers story. I fell asleep thinking about adventures in the mountains.
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