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Old 02-26-2013, 02:16 AM View Post #1 (Link) friend?
Baileybb4 (Offline)
Abstract Thinker
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: collinwood,TN
Posts: 26
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i need a friend please i am trustworthy and friendly and weird
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Old 02-26-2013, 02:32 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Isis (Offline)
Global Moderator
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Boulder, CO
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Hey Bailey, a good way to make friends on YWO is to hang out in the chatroom. I'm not very social, but there are other members on this website who are and who like to chat. If you look at the top of the page, you'll see a little speech bubble icon that says "Chat" underneath. "Chat" is followed by a number in parenthesis if people are in the chatroom. It looks like nobody's there right now, but if you check it out another time I bet you'll catch some people and start getting to know them. Everyone here that I know is pretty cool. It might take some time, and the forum isn't always busy, so you might need to be a bit patient.

If you want to get involved in the site in other ways, you can check out the writing side of the forum and start helping out other people on the forum. Before you start leaving comments on writing, please read the critique rules as well as a guide about how to critique. We ask that when you comment on people's writing you try your best to be as detailed and helpful as possible. If you want to leave quick one-line comments, then you can write on someone's wall instead by sending them a visitor message (click on their name and you'll see a place to leave a quick VM).

If you have any questions about how the site works or about critiquing please let me know!
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Old 02-27-2013, 03:47 PM View Post #3 (Link)
GoodGracious (Offline)
Literary Artist
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Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: England
Posts: 325
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Nice to meet you. I'm Molly and welcome to YWO.

So what kind of stuff do you write (novels, shorts, poetry...)? Introduce yourself!
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