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Old 01-21-2013, 05:32 AM View Post #1 (Link) Jas & Ink4Heart Brainstorm . . .
JasChappell (Offline)
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Originally Posted by Jas
Let's see, fantasy . . . . I think I'd be game for some interspecies conflict. And I always love the multisided war, so my proposal:

We've got a race of demons (or some type of nonhumans) living casually amongst humans in some backwater town. They've got friends and jobs (but I don't think there should be mixed families). I don't think anyone should know they're different except a handful of their demon friends.

So la-di-da, maybe our story can surround one or two families, but the stable demons notice a string of oddly linked murders O: (oooh) and after some investigating, they determine . . . the crimes are being committed by other demons! It's the asdfgfd-demons! They've resurfaced from centuries of dormant...ness and they're casting suspicion on ourgood demons :O

It leaks that there is something . . . different about our demons, and the country folk in Itty Bitty Town extradite them, leaving them in the foresty outskirts of the town.

It's war. Stable demons vs. chaos-lovin demons. Good demons quickly get in touch with allies all the while, chaos-lovers go on killing sprees, ultimately hoping to capture someone (like a judge, maybe?) to blackmail humanity. Only the good demons can stop them.

Meanwhile, I say let's throw in some cross-allegiance romance. Boom.

I'm going to post a copy of this in the collaborative writing discussion forum :) feel free to trash all of this if you like (I just invented this on the fly, and I have no attachment to it yet, so if you dislike any part of it, throw it out!) :)

Destroy, reconstruct, edit, reinvent. Let me know :)
Originally Posted by ink4heart
That is an AMMMMMMMAAAAZING IDEA...I love war and fantasy and romance would jsut be the right flavour to keep this very intersting. One suggestion, lets create a race, like a new creature so people can develop from the idea. They can be like demons but lets make them original creatures. Again, thats just a suggestion. And One thing that comes into my mind when you say war is middle men... Lets have a the two demonic race and lets have the humans as the middle men and we can have chosen few fight good and other bad. We can even have double agents, spies , cross romances, ans etc. Again only a suggestion..... Oh Lets make this girl, the person all three races will love be the cure or the reason they all fight for. So they all will want her. Some want to kill her, some wants her powers whatever it is. Oh another Idea, this girl could be half good demon and bad demon. She holds the cure or the reason why they all fight. i love the face they live among the human race. Lets make them the creatures of the night. So those are all my suggestion so far but I am soo excited to start on this
Eeee! I'm really excited, too!

Okay, I love all of your suggestions :) Let's try to break this down. We got:

Unnamed TBD Demonic Race A:
- Live alongside humanity, interspecies friendships
- Scattered about backwater town
- No cross-cultural disturbances until instigated by Unnamed TBD Demonic Race B
- (all of my opinions will be in this font) I think cure-girl should be of this group
- and they should have an enemy TBD Race B in their midst . . . possibly more than one
Unnamed TBD Demonic Race B:
- resurface with mass murderings in search of cure-girl
- *why do they need cure-girl?*
- expose TBD Race A
*whilst remaining out of the suspicion of humans(?)
- Of course, to be fair, they should have some undercover agent in their camp, too
- country folk in a small town
- unknowingly interact with the TBD Race A on regular basis
- interspecies friendships
- law enforcement reacts to murders and extradites accused TBD Race A individuals
so we got humans vs. TBD Race A, and TBD Race A trying to get their lives back while forming friendships with their extradited neighbors. TBD Race B plots murders against the humans in search for the cure-girl, blaming TBD Race A. TBD Race A engages TBD Race B to reclaim their good name and defend the cure-girl, who, quite naturally, should fall in love with a human . . . let's say, a police officer for kicks.

Um . . . I'm sure there's more ways to manipulate this around and relate it, but I can't think of any right now.

Err . . . some things we ought to consider. I'd like to kinda archtype our three groups. You know, assign them personality traits. Let's look at arrogant, naive, clever, blunt . . . . Uh, some more. And then later we can work on characters, but for now, I'd like to set some categorization :)

Ugh, I know. I sound like businesswoman :/ Please feed me some creativity!

--Jas :)

strong vs. smart
critique, compliment, suggestion, and explanation

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Old 01-23-2013, 02:14 AM View Post #2 (Link)
ink4heart (Offline)
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First of all, I feel so stupid because When you said lets move brain storm ideas here i enevr saw the link till just now and I was worried you were ignoring me. haha

Anyways I love the way you broke down the ideas, it gives us better understanding of how the story is going to be structured and I think thats a great idea to Archtype the three races and we also have to give them unique but powers that will work in harmony with both races

Peaceful, Wise and Wants to live in harmony with the Humans

They should first have some regards against the humans but then the relationship should grow as they develop more with the human

They need the cure to.......?
Blunt, arrogant, beleives that their race is too rare and powerful to be SHARED with the humans

They hate the humans so much but hate TBD A for siding with them

They need the cure to turn everyone including humans into their race TBD

Well, this is what I got at the moment I hope you like them please feel free to delete becuase I barely gave any thought to them, I jsut wanted to reply fast because i finally caught you online.

We should discuss powers and more in depth about the the races soon
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Old 02-12-2013, 12:55 AM View Post #3 (Link) Happy Monday :) Here's Your Gift!
JasChappell (Offline)
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Join Date: Nov 2012
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Alright, so I had an insatiable creative burst . . . so naturally, I just started writing. This is what I came up with:
Love Thy Neighbor

Chapter 1: A Fly Is A Fly

At last, Cain detached himself from his book after mediating on those last words, "And a fly is a fly as a bee, a bee. So similar, the two, but never to be mistaken as equals."

He slammed it shut and tossed it aside, chuckling at his eight-year-old goddaughter flying clumsily through his palace. Rough stone walls, black as night, framed the spacious room, and glowing pillars of heated ore gave it light and life.

"That's your third book, Cain. When is my dad coming?" she asked sweetly, holding a smile through her struggles.

"In no time at all, Moriah," he swore, rising solemnly to the rows of books beside his throne. Cain knew it was uncharacteristic of Leon to be anything but punctual, so while Moriah kept about her flying, Cain skimmed his collection for any literature on sorcerers. Given his old friend's tardiness, he feared the worst. Tension between the Morrad and sorcerers had been intensifying for decades--

"Lord Cain, it's--" an armor-clad servant boy threw the door open, but froze upon seeing Moriah who promptly fell from her flight.

"What, servant?" he demanded, tugging a dusty book away.

The servant fell to his knees and hid his face in the ground. Awe rushed over him, gripped him like venom in his veins. "My Lord, the girl's mother has arrived to return her home to Lacerta. I--"

"Then show her in," he snapped, blowing dust from his selection. It was titled Morrad and Sorcerers: the Last Great Struggle of the Realms. The servant scampered away, and Moriah tiptoed to her guardian.Tapping his leg, she began, "Cain, who was--"

"Just a servant. Get ready; your mother is coming."

She followed closely as he paced back to his throne. "Why isn't Father coming?" she asked, much to Cain's despair.

He signed while taking a seat, burying himself in his reading. Reluctantly, he answered, "I fear your father may have a war on his hands, dear. Now gather your things. I don't want your mother to get here and--"

"Cain, what is this?" an angry voice penetrated the room.

He signed yet again, rising. As he bowed for his guest, Moriah sprinted into the arms of her mother.

"Elle, I assure you," be began as he put the book in its place, "this is entirely temporary. Moriah's room is still being laced with liquid gold. It isn't ready yet."

"So you have het in public access?!" she shouted. "Cain, this--" she motioned to the rugged stone walls of the barren room, "this is a prison! A girl her age should be around some color, at least. And explain to me why just anyone could stroll right on in here." Moriah unfolded her wings again, and Elle jammed her hands on her sides.

Rolling his eyes, Cain almost regretted volunteering as the guardian of Elle's daughter, but Leon was a friend, and someone had to do it. The half-Morrad, half-Angel was to be treated like the rarity she was.

"Answer me!" she spat.

"My apologies, my Lady, her room will be prepared by her next visit." He produced a wry smile. "I promise."

"It'd better, Cain, or I swear--"

"I know," he waved off, turning back to his research. As Elle yanked her daughter from the air, he asked, "Moriah wants to know why it wasn't her father to retrieve her as usual." His gaze did not leave the bookcase.

Elle stared for a moment before heading into the hallway, "Then I'll be sure to let Moriah know," she stated, with no intention of telling her child of this impending war.

He continued to scan the shelves before coming across the title How to Kill a Morrad, by the Only People Who Know How. Below the engraved words was the unmistakable stamp of the sorcerers' alpha clan.

He heard yet another voice from the doorway, "It wasn't there yesterday, Cain. Thinking what I'm thinking?"

It was Lucas this time, sauntering in as carefree as always.

"I think it's best we don't jump to conclusions, Lucas. We don't want to get involved in a war that transcends realms."

His friend laughed heartily as he threw himself into Cain's throne. "No, my dear friend. I do not want to go to war; the city of Espera does not want to go to war, but you . . . you must, because that is the only reason you'd stick by Leon's side--"

"Leon is a friend," Cain protested, disprovingly observing this man in his throne. "I will guard his daughter; I will aid him as much I can, but I will not drag Espera or the Eternals into battle for my friendship."

Lucas hauntingly swung his legs over the bronze chair, sliding into it like a seat. "You sure won't," he said flippantly.

The two men exchanged glares before Cain continued, "There isn't even a war yet. And we don't know if the seal on that book--"

"Belongs to the sorcerers? Of course it's from the sorcerers!" Lucas exclaimed, shooting from his seat. Sorcerers and the Morrad despise each other! You are painfully na´ve, you know that?" He sharply exhaled and stepped towards the navy and silver text. Softly, he added, "The Morrad are beneath us anyway. Why risk our lives for them?"Cain could not believe his friend's apathy. He showed him the door. "Thank you for your interest, Lucas, but I will stand by my friend until it is time to do otherwise." He motioned out.

"Very well, Cain," Lucas conceded with a drooping head. "Remember, though, the Morrad already have the Angels as allies, Leon being married to Elle and all. Help yourself and stay away from this madness. The Morrad are reckless, and the Sorcerers are calculative." Cain turned away, escorting him through. Lucas placed a hand on his shoulder before leaving.

On his way out, he called, hands in pocket, "The King wants to speak with you by the way. He didn't seem too excited about it either."
Alright go through and let me know if there's anything you want to change/tweak/delete :) Everything is up for grabs right now :) just had to do some writing! I'll give you what I think of it after I hear what you say :) Happy Monday ♥
critique, compliment, suggestion, and explanation

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