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Old 12-16-2012, 02:48 PM View Post #11 (Link)
Infinity_Man (Offline)
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Originally Posted by ZandaBayfield View Post
I Must Say I Am Quite Offended By You Giving Me A Link To Grammar Site.

I Am Only 12 What Do You Expect?
Obviously he's expecting you to look at the grammar site and learn better grammar, since you're twelve. Besides, someone pointed out to you the mistake you were making and you simply refused to correct yourself--that doesn't show the ignorance of young age, it just shows you're unwilling to cooperate. I don't mean to say this in a disrespectful way, I mean to bring to light how you might be perceived as a bit hard to deal with based on some of your responses.

Anyway, I don't live in the UK so I've never looked into the market over there. I do know that how you submit to UK editors and agents is a bit different from over here in North America, so I can't give you full advice properly.

Here's what some quick googling turned up though:
A Wikipedia page of ten of the largest UK publishers (If you'reyou're looking to get into the big houses and have a wide distribution with a decent marketing campaign, this is what you're looking for)
Of course, most of those are the Big Six (I guess now the five, since the merger) and they're the biggest worldwide, so they're a universal answer.
Try this Wikipedia list of publishing houses instead. I haven't looked through them (because that would take too much time for me) but it says it's UK publishers so, hey, there you go.

Of course, this should just be a starting point. Once you have the name of a publisher you should also visit their site and read around to see what they've sold, how well they've sold, if your book seems like a fit, and what their submission guidelines are.
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Old 12-16-2012, 02:55 PM View Post #12 (Link)
Syn (Offline)
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Originally Posted by ZandaBayfield View Post
I Must Say I Am Quite Offended By You Giving Me A Link To Grammar Site.
It's nothing personal. I saw you made a (very common, but still a) mistake of using "your" where you should have used "you're" so instead of explaining it myself, I linked you to a website where a professional explained it.

Originally Posted by ZandaBayfield View Post
I Am Only 12 What Do You Expect?
I expect absolutely nothing from you.

But regardless, I do believe that said difference (your vs. you're) is taught in school way before the age of 12 so technically, you *should* know that. Or at the very least, you should have known, had you wanted to/cared.

Okay, now I'm choosing to be nice and friendly so I'll offer an additional couple of thoughts.

Additional thought #1:
Look, bottom line, I don't care how you write. It's just that this is a forum about writing and it pushes the use of good grammar and writing and correctness. So in compliance with that, the forum rules themselves, and also with my personal preference, I offered an advice which could potentially help you better yourself. Which leads me to...

...Additional thought #2:
It is my belief that someone who wants to be published as a writer would be open to learning the tool to do it with - the language. It is quite unfathomable to me how one can use age as an excuse not to know something (which I believe one should already know) when that something is the very thing one wants to do in life.
Okay, this is so ambiguous even I don't know what I said. Let me translate:
I don't understand how you can use age as an excuse not to know something well enough (in this case it was grammar, I suppose), when using it is the very thing you wish to do do get published. If you want to do something in life, and you have an opportunity to do it, you don't have an excuse not to know enough about it based on your age. If you're smart (old) enough to realise you don't know something, you're smart enough to learn about it yourself, then.
Let me transfer that to...

...Aditional thought #3:
It's not a shame not to know something. Everyone was a beginner at one point and age has nothing to do with it. I'm 25 and I'm still a beginner. Hell, the first time I had an official English class was when I started college, but by that time I was already quite proficient with it. It's because I liked it and I wanted to learn more about it. I didn't wait for it to be given to me, I went out there and learned for myself. I made mistakes and I was corrected and I learned from them. I still make mistakes and I still learn. (That's the thing with language, it's a complex bitch beast). We learn on our mistakes so we can better ourselves. Why, that is the very reason we're even here in this forum, to better ourselves, only here we can do it as a group with the help of others, and we don't have to do it on our own.

So you should heed to advices of people with your seniority. Sometimes they might even know what they're talking about.

FuckHooptydooyeah, I managed to use the word 'heed' in a real life (well.. real-ish) conversation!
Let's spread love like violence.
Old 12-16-2012, 03:29 PM View Post #13 (Link)
Lykaios (Offline)
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Closing this before it gets ridiculous.

My advice to you is to take all the advice you can on writing, because trust me, down the road when you realise all these people were trying to help you (and hopefully by that point you will have allowed them to and take their advice) you will appreciate it more than anything.

Age is not an excuse. There are members here your age and younger who use proper grammar without argument. If you really want to be published and a 'proper' writer, sorting out things like that are the first steps. The rules here were made with anyone over ten in mind, so you should have no problem simply not-capitalising every word while on this site. By all means continue doing it elsewhere if that's what you want to do, but you'll wear your poor shift button out.

Publishing wise, I'd like to recommend you forget about it for the time being. Learn the craft, develop your skills, write for no other reason than that you love writing. If you do that, then it will show in your work, and publishing may come along for you anyway in the future. You don't need to be in any hurry.
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