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Old 03-20-2018, 11:49 PM View Post #1 (Link) The New Society Pt (5)
nameless (Offline)
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The New Society

Chapter 5; Awakening

The day has arrived, perhaps the most important day of my life. Most people would say their most important days are the day of their wedding, the day they had their first child, or when they graduated college, or even perhaps when they won the lottery. Mine? Meeting with an arcane organization that somehow knows about what goes on behind the veil of secrecy created and maintained by a shadow government. I still have questions that I need answered like, why me? What makes me so special? What is their ultimate goal in showing me any of this? What am I, one person, going to do about any of this? These questions kept me up most of the night, an anxiety induced insomnia. Jeff couldn't sleep either, but the night came and went. The sun greeted us once more with another gorgeous morning. Somehow, this morning seemed more... beautiful than all of the others.

Jeff and I went into town for a couple of beers and some grub. We figured we might as well feel what it is like to live among the unwitting one more time. To relive the ignorant bliss we have left behind. I look around me and I see people going about their daily lives. Some on the phone, speaking with their loved ones, gossiping, scheduling appointments for work or with a friend. They are on social media, scrolling... scrolling... scrolling. Will they ever reach the bottom of that feed? I overhear people discussing the issues that mire our society like gun violence, police brutality, crime, racism, all while on the tube, right above our heads, our "trusted" news sources give us their version of the facts. To many, these are irrefutable only because they come from their master's mouth.

Politician on the t.v - "Gun violence in this country has spiraled out of control. You know, i'm willing to bet if people had more freedom to carry guns around, everyone would think twice about shooting up anyone. Democrats just want to take our guns away, but that would only leave the law abiding citizen defenseless. This is more of a mental health issue I believe."

News outlet anchor - "But guns cause a disproportionate amount of deaths per year. Besides, no one is saying that guns need to be taken away, but you do have to acknowledge that there needs to be not only more restrictions on ownership, but accountability as well."

And the debate goes on and on for about 5 more minutes only to be preceded by an anti-NRA commercial designed to throw dirt on the candidate that was just speaking. Political mud-slinging always riles up the masses. It ruffles some feathers and before you know it, we have an incoherent, non cogent "debate" among ourselves, regurgitating "facts" that we heard on the T.V. The art of distraction and misinformation. If what the serpent brotherhood have created here were a painting, then this priceless masterpiece belongs in a museum surrounded by a moat, lasers and security guards trained to shoot on site. Truly a disgusting masterpiece.

Jeff and I finish our beers and we leave the bar to make our way towards the location indicated by the coordinates we were given. We rode our bikes to the nearest car rental dealership. The location was a bit of a ways away from town, about an hour and half's drive going at 60 mph. The coordinates indicate the destination required us to go off road and into the countryside. Once there, we park the car and we waited. We figured the wait might be long, so we began to chat to pass the time.

Jeff - "Hey."

Roman - "Yea? What's up?"

Jeff - "Remember when we would stay up for hours looking up conspiracy theories on the internet when we were young?"

I chuckled.

Roman - "Yea. Looking back at it we were such nerds. I think we actually wore aluminum hats didn't we?"

Jeff digs through the things in the back of his truck and pulls out his old hat that he had layered with aluminum.

Roman - " Aw man, no way! You still have yours?"

Jeff - "Yep! How about you? You kept yours?"

Roman - "Nah. I gave mine to my brother when he was in the hospital. And when he died, I wanted to have my hat buried with him so that he could keep a part of who I was. he made me that hat."

Jeff puts his hand on my shoulder.

Jeff - "I'm sorry..."

Roman - "It's alright. No worries."

Jeff - "Hey man, whatever happens, we gotta stick together, yea?"

Roman - "Always brother, always."

A light began to flash in the distance. At first it was dim and we mistook it for a star. It was 6 in the afternoon, about the time the sky begins to reveal it's most brightest. But then it began to glow brighter and pulsate, letting us know that was no ordinary star. It was hard to tell at first given the perspective we were seeing it from, but we eventually realized that it was coming toward us. We stepped out of the vehicle. We patiently waited to finally meet whoever is behind all of this. The bright light began to get closer and closer until it was close enough to where we could finally hear it. It was a helicopter. The helicopter began its descent a couple of feet way away from us. Once on the ground, the engine was turned off and the rotors began to slow down. I see a lone figure exist the aircraft. The person was wearing a long dark robe, black pants, boots and a white button collar shirt with a black tie underneath. His face was concealed behind a mask. The man's voice was also concealed by another artificial, very familiar voice. It is the voice that spoke to us back at the container and medical facility. He was the one watching us.

Man - "Greetings Roman, and Jeff. We finally meet."

Roman - "H... Hey."

Man - "No need to be nervous Roman, I mean you no harm. As matter of fact, you and Jeff have accomplished something that will change the both of you forever. For that congratulations are in order."

Roman - "But what exactly have we accomplished?"

Man - "You are now on the doorstep of freedom's door Roman, true freedom. The kind that has been kept from everyone for so long. A freedom begotten by the truth. Everyday when you wake up, when you go to work, when you go about your daily routine, have you ever perceived a feeling that you just can't shake? A feeling that you are being deceived? You don't know by who or what it is you are being lied to about, but you know it. You can sense it."

Roman - "Yea."

Man - "It is no coincidence that you were drawn to conspiratorial content when you were young Roman. It is that little voice in your head telling you that something just isn't right, that compels you to such things. The way you think and act is what drew us to you. And you have yearned to find out if the little voice in your head was right all along. Well, based on what you have seen, i'm willing to bet that you now know, it was right. However, what you have seen is not the whole story.

Jeff - "What do you mean 'not the whole story?' How much more could there be that is being kept hidden?"

Man - "BY solving the last puzzle, you have proven that you can handle the truth. As a man of my word, I will now show you the greatest secret ever kept from mankind. If you will follow me I shall escort you back to HQ."

We both followed this peculiar man into his helicopter, began our ascent, and headed towards CICADA's Headquarters. "This is it" I thought. The end of the rabbit hole. i could finally begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel. I took everything this ordeal had to throw at me. I chose to go down the path I believe lead me to true enlightenment. My ignorance was a small price that I was more than willing to pay. The man assured that it would be a long trip and frankly, I was a bit tired from all of the late nights. Now, I only wanted to catch up on my sleep, so I dozed off for the remainder of the trip."

Hours later I wake up to find myself flying over a body of water.

Roman - "Where are we now?"

Now using his normal voice.

Man - "We are flying over the pacific."

Jeff - "Where are your headquarters?"

The man points to the horizon. On it we see a large ship.

Roman - "Is that a carrier?"

Man - "Sure is."

We reached the carrier and landed on it's heli-pad.

Man - "We've arrived. Welcome to CICADA HQ."

We were out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Water, as far as the eye could see on all sides.

Man - "Hope you don't get sea sick. Follow me."

We entered the command center where we witnessed the equivalent of a battalion of computer scientists doing God knows what. We were taken upstairs to a private room. The man shines a badge he pulled out of his pocket and the door opened. We entered the room and there, behind a desk, was another man sitting, looking at us as we entered the room.

Man # 2 - "Welcome gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the leader of this entire organization. For security purposes, you may refer to me as Agent 001."

he was a tall, light skinned man. He was dressed very sharply. His demeanor was intimidating. Built, the type of guy you would think twice about messing with. He began to speak,

Agent 001 - "So you have made it. I'm sure by know my comrade here has shown you many despicable things as you progressed through this process. And i'm sure he has mentioned that... the real mind f*** has yet to be revealed to you."

man - "I did sir, yes."

Roman - "What is it exactly that you are doing?"

Agent 001 - "Both of you may want to sit down for this. The reason you are here is because we are working on a project. A project whose existence remains hidden even to the elite, the future masters of this planet... The Serpent Brotherhood. It is very difficult to keep something hidden from them, so i'm sure by now you may appreciate the secrecy of our methods. The brotherhood's agents, the men in black, are constantly trying to snoop around to get information from us as well."

Roman - "I met one. He came to my house looking for something. Him and his goons also attacked and threatened us to not pursue this any further. That we should quit or else."

Agent 001 - "Yes, they are a very covert group of individuals. Silent as the night. They are aware of the puzzles we give to potential candidates, and will stop at nothing to interrupt our plans, even if they are unaware of the plan itself. Most of the time, the scare tactics that they employ would normally suffice in scaring away prospects, but not you. You stuck it out and because of that courage, you are here now."

Roman - "But what does this project have to do with us? What is it that you are working on?"

Agent 001 walks over to a map that is hung on the wall of his room.

Agent 001 - "Do you know what these are? These points here?"

I simply nod my head from left to right.

Agent 001 - "They are attack zones, for operation snake."

Jeff - "Attack zones? You mean, there is another attack being planned? Those bastards! Who are they going to blame it on this time? North Korea? China? Russia?"

Agent 001 - "I'm afraid, no one... at least no one from planet Earth."

Roman - "Wait... what?"

Agent 001 - "Operation snake is a plan that the brotherhood have kept in their filing cabinet as a last resort if they ever felt their positions threatened. Well, we are now threatening their claim to absolute power. They fear us because we have acquired the help of some friendly neighbors that from beyond the stars."

Jeff - "Ok, hold on a second. You are telling me that you are working with..."

Agent 001 - "Extraterrestrials... yes. In fact, I believe one of them spoke to you in a dream, didn't they Roman?"

My heart began to pound a little harder.

Roman - "Y...Yes. That... you knew about that?"

Agent 001 - "That is how we recruit candidates. He speaks to you through your dreams because we are afraid that personal, physical contact may seem too traumatic at first. We figured it was easier this way. Now, operation snake will occur today. Major cities around the world will witness what appear to spacecraft. Media outlets will cover the story live and everyone will await the moment when humankind makes its first contact. The most anticipated moment in human history. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting citizens below will only be met with hostility. "An alien invasion' the media will call it. The brotherhood will galvanize the entire world, unite them, and deliver the coup de gras. If successful, the entire planet will completely belong to them. All notions of personal rights, freedoms, liberties will become no more. They are dispensable if the global security state deems it so. All because of the fear that this invasion will instill in everyone."

Roman - "And i'm sure this project of yours stops that right?"

Man - "Not exactly Roman. Remember the message I sent you the day the man in black threatened you?"

"Creation is Inherently a part of Collapse. You are Destined to be apart of Humanity's next great Awakening."

Agent 001 - "Our mission was never to stop the plans of the Brotherhood."

Jeff - "What?! The f*** do you mean not stop them? I'll do it myself. The people need to know what you have shown us!"

Agent 001 - "Our allies from the stars have shown us the extent of the damage that our corrupt human nature has caused. It is too late for this old world. A world born of greed and deceit. A new one must made. It will be born out of the ruins of the old. A New Society."

Man - " That's where you and Jeff come in Roman. We have recruited you for your qualities, as people. We have seen your qualities as a human being. People like you are what is salvageable from this old decaying civilization. You are not going to be alone. There are others who have accepted this reality, that we have recruited, and have been waiting this entire time for the last domino to fall."

Agent 001 - "You are not being forced to do anything Roman, ultimately, it is up to you to be a part of this. You may choose to walk away now if you wish. Just say the word and we will transport you back."

Jeff and I think long and hard about our next course of action. Our family, our friends, who by now have not spoken to use ever since we began work on the puzzles. What about them? Will this really be the last time we ever speak to them? A worker from the lower levels barges and tells Agent 001 to turn on the T.V. All major news networks are now airing the event live. It has begun.

News anchor - "As you can see, we are filming what appears to be your stereotypical flying saucer. Ladies and gentlemen, the age old question has finally been answered... we are not alone."

It did not take long for this to take a dark turn. The "alien" crafts began to fire lasers at the public below.

News correspondent - "They are attacking us! Run! Leave the camera and run! It is the end! It's the end!"

The signal is abruptly lost.

News anchor - "... I... God help us all."

The news anchor begins to weep. Agent 001 turns off the television.

Agent 001 - "Initiate the project."

Man and worker - "Yes sir!"

Agent 001 - "What will it be?"

I look to Jeff and he just nods at me. I look to agent 001 to give him my decision.

April 19, 2018, the last days of the old civilization. Operation snake was initiated. The initial false flag alien invasion killed roughly 1 billion people. CICADA's project involved sending America's now former enemies information of the plan. Once the likes of Russia, China, Iraq all got a hold of the plan by American's shadow government to control the world, a great war broke out afterward, WWIII. When nuclear weapons were the last the resort, The Brotherhood retaliated with an all out attack with its more than 10,000 stockpile of nuclear warheads. Another 1 to 2 billion people were lost due to the nuclear blasts. The planet was left devastated from nuclear fallout. Pockets of survivors roamed the surface, but they too eventually began to die due to the lack of resources, winters and radiation.

Jeff and I were taken with the others who were only waiting for the collapse to be over. Everyone was so nice and friendly, very communal in their mentality. I could feel the love from each one, genuine love. The love for another neighbor. We were put in a state of suspended animation, a long sleep.

We were being given another chance, to do things right this time.

The End.

That's the finale. Hope you guys enjoyed the story. I will try to tweak this story more. I hope to perfect it and maybe make a book someday.
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Old 04-02-2018, 06:53 AM View Post #2 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
nameless (Offline)
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Hey guys I noticed a plot mistake, They rented a car, but yet, Jeff pulls out a personal item from the back of the truck. How did that get there? I have no idea. My original idea was for them to still have their cars when their conversation took place, but I thought having the characters dispose of them added more to the paranoia of the story. Jeff's car would have had the hat. So this was a mistake where an original idea that was scrapped made its way into the story and I completely forgot. So to attempt to fix it, here is my alteration;

Jeff had the hat, but he did not dig it up from the back of the truck. Instead, he had brought it with him and had it in on of his pockets. He then proceeds to pull the hat out to show Roman.
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