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Old 05-31-2008, 05:07 PM View Post #21 (Link)
Starry (Offline)
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Originally Posted by Guessed View Post
No, because it happened both this morning and at lunch. I have Eastern Standard Time, so for instance it's about 5:40 here. Probably just blocked the site. :[ Curse those authoritarian censors. I wasn't doing anything objectionable on this site... save being an idiot and wasting time. ;
I don't think that it's the school servers, Guessed, because the blocking works on the county server level and I can still get on fine at school. (I love the way the blocking works, it just blocks the most-viewed non-educational sites-- though some people are really pissed now that it finally blocked :] ) So something must have been screwed up that day, whether it was the server, the individual computer, the school's internet access...something like that.
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Old 06-01-2008, 05:22 PM View Post #22 (Link)
Guessed (Offline)
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It turns out YWO wasn't blocked - it really was the downtime that prevented me. So I can still get on at school. Sorry for my conspiratorial whinging.

Interesting that it's on a county level, though. They must send the link to the higher-ups to put it on the block list; I know they did that with /another/ site I would spend copious lengths of time on.
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