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Old 02-13-2017, 09:06 PM View Post #1 (Link) The Day the Sun Died
Sky_ (Offline)
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The day the sun died.

It was March 15th 2016.

Of course I remember the date. Wouldn't you? After years of being there, it suddenly left. There was no warning. Just left.

I don't remember much after that, but what I do remember is that goosebumps covered my skin. My breath made me look like a smoker. I did quickly became one after that, helped kill me faster.

People went insane. Glass breaking filled the ears of everyone around me. Sobbing left and right over fallen flowers and hungry sidewalks. Joining in on the wonderful burnings of reds, whites, and blues that soon turned black.

Life wasn't the same without the sun.

No one expected it to leave, it just happened. Everyone thought it was going to last, well at least it wasn't going to die as suddenly as it did. Maybe that's why I'm sick.

When ever my throat gets sore, I find my favorite bottle.

It's an ugly brown and fragile.

The small tubes of death, are my least favorite thing.

I hate them but I need them.

Roses. Those bloody roses. I bought them while running late to meet her. Only for the sidewalk to eat them up. A waste of money.

The place that helps my sore throat, everyone there knows me. Well except me.

They all cheer when I walk in, that could be a song. I think it just to cheer me up. It's been a year, I don't know why they keep trying. It's not going to happen.


The door clanked shut behind me. The shouts from inside forever silenced.

My throat no longer sore.

My lips pressed down on the creme colored tube. The other end quickly lit up.

Must be cold.

I look like a smoker.

I am a smoker.

I walked in a straight line. Not perfectly straight, but straight neither less. To much from my favorite bottle can make a man walk in a swaying circle.

The night was lit up.

Not by the stars. They went with the sun.

But by the lights of the surrounding buildings.

I swear, they got brighter when the sun died.

The world has been a lot less colorful after it left.

No more flowers.

The sidewalk ate them all.

Stupid sidewalk.

Running my fingers through my hair, black strands stuck in between the fingers.

The creme tube came to end of its life. I dropped it and crushed it into the sidewalk.

Maybe if I burn the sidewalk enough, it'll leave me alone.


My body was on fire as I hit the ground. I glared at the person across from, ready to kill.

I forgot how close I was.

The girl looked up, and my eyes meet hers, only for a moment.


Everything went white, but just for second.

My vision came back, the girl was saying something. I couldn't hear her.

I glanced up to the sky and could help but grin.

It felt weird.

The stars were back. They dotted the dark sky, making it bright again.

On March 15th 2016, the sun died.


On April 6th 2017, it came back.
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