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Old 10-23-2009, 12:41 AM View Post #11 (Link)
An Angry Panda (Offline)
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Yeah. In my novel, I knew that readers already knew that New America had fallen and that they would want to know how. But after much thought, I figured that readers would get bored with just interviewing survivors and bunches of dialogue, and I'm probably right. So I made a few tweaks to the beginning of my book, and planned a few twists that involve action. I'm happy with the results.

This is how I say it: Don't have a twist for the sake of a twist.
I'll be hanging around for a short while. PM me if you need something critiqued. Chances are I'll do it.
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Old 10-23-2009, 02:31 AM View Post #12 (Link)
thecollector (Offline)
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I can agree with that, but in a case of mystery, you're going to want to intrigue the reader so twists can help sometimes. I'm not saying purposely add one, though. With TSE (the newer novel I'm writing), I'm not giving much detail about where the character is right now because it's a key twist. I'm not saying when I planned the novel that I planned it like:

"Okay, it's time to write a novel. Now how can I make a twist?"

I just mean that when I was thinking, I got a good idea. I didn't push it. And that's good advice you're giving because some people think that they need to add a twist just for the sake of adding one. That's not the point of a twist.
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