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Old 05-16-2012, 08:43 PM View Post #1 (Link) Edelweiss Pirates RP
SKritorre (Offline)
Abstract Thinker
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A historical RP set in Nazi Germany, this is a good role-play for people who dabble with writing peoms or lyrics. (But please don't make them the only thing here! I'd like a good story too! )

PLEASE NOTE-This role play is set in Nazi-Germany, leading up to WW2. Please don't read this if you're going to find it upsetting. I think you'd need to be at least 14 to read this.


Background Information:
This role play is based in Nazi Germany in the time leading up to WW2. It's also based on the true story of what happened, but only loosely because I can't remember all the precise historical facts. (If you'd like it to be more historically accurate, PM me with what you'd like it to be changed to and I'll try and help!) All children over the age of 9 are practically required to join the Hitler Youth. It's a bit like the Brownies/Scouts - but much more army-orientated. They have 'excursions' to the country - spending three days in a military-style camp with long hikes and weapons training for the older ones. They are also not allowed to wear their own clothes - they have to wear uniforms - and are only allowed to listen to classical German music. There were some children who didn't want to join and rebelled. Instead of going to the HY meetings, they met up in old barns, street corners, anywhere they could find. They deliberately wore their own clothes, some girls even wore clothes from America (which meant trousers!). They listened to forbidden jazz music and often danced things like the lindy-hop. Some gangs went looking for HY members and beat them up, but most rebelled by writing their own songs and what I've just described. These groups, although separate groups, often used the same symbol - the edelweiss flower. This gained them the name 'Edelweiss Pirates'. A few years into the movement (where I intend to start this role-play), police officers began to arrest EP members if they found them. Death penalties were occasionally carried out.
Your character can be from either the HY or the EP. Children did sometimes switch from one to the other, so you can change sides later on if you like. Younger brothers and sisters did join the EP as well, so your character can be under 9, but you will need a close family link with another character. I'm going to set a limit on the age - 21 - because I don't think adults would really do things like that. Here's a guide for a Character Profile.
Name:I'm not really bothered whether you have a German-sounding name or not, call yourself what you like! (Within reason, obviously.)
Age: As I said, you can be under 9, but not over 21.
Side: Are you with the HY or the EP?
Physical Description:
This is where you can say if there is anything special about your character. Can they play an instrument (guitars are much appreciated!), dance, write lyrics or anything else that comes to mind.

My Character:

Name: Anne-Marie Klein, but everyone calls her Annem.
Age: 13 going on 14
Side: Edelweiss Pirates.
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Average height and build. Dark brown hair that she wears in a single plait down her back. She isn't very striking in appearance, but the few American clothes that she has really suit her.
Character: Can seem a little sullen at first, but once you get to know her she is passionate about the things that she loves and is very protective of her friends. She doesn't have many, but really values the ones that she has.
Other: Plays the guitar and sings, although she isn't very good at writing songs herself. Adores jazz and likes to watch others dance, althoug claims to have two left feet herself. Objects to violence, but on occasion will use mild violence herself in order to protect herself & those around her. Was in the Hitler Youth for six months when she was 9, but hasn't been to a meeting since because she hated every minute of it.

Annem also has a brother - he's up for grabs if anybody wants him!
Name: Hanz Klein
Age: 7
Side: Edelweiss Pirates.
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Short in height, but is beginning to grow. Has dark brown hair like his sister, but (obviously!) wears it short. He wears plain shorts and top, usually with bits of mud or food stuck on, depending on whether he's been outside or in.
Character: Very trusting of people. Most favourite thing in the world is his sister, after that he likes to play outside.
Other: Likes to sing with his sister, although he isn't very good. He enjoys being part of the EP because everyone treats his kindly and someone normally plays with him whenever they meet up. He doesn't want to join the HY when he turns 9, but is scared that he will be made to.
Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits --A.A.Milne
Old 05-18-2012, 12:56 PM View Post #2 (Link)
lostbookworm (Offline)
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I'd just like to point out, that I am incredibly moist right now and have been ended.
and he saw himself nailed to the cross of his own cradle and coffin
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Old 05-18-2012, 11:12 PM View Post #3 (Link)
Lykaios (Offline)
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I agree with Kyle, but I'd also like to add that you can't run a historical roleplay or write something set in history and not do any research/blatantly ignore history. So much of what you've already said is historically wrong/innaccurate.

So yeah, closing this.

EDIT: Caleb you suck.
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Closed Thread
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