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Old 04-17-2011, 06:36 PM View Post #41 (Link)
Faust (Offline)
Aspiring Author
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Before the woman had time to answer, Steve turned. He couldn't ask her. She would get involved too. Enough people had got involved. The memories of finding his friends and family dead drifted into his mind before he could stop them. He shook his head and chased them away, back into the deeps of his memory.Thinking about them would just make it worse, make him weak and helpless.

Steve walked briskly back to the track of the motor car and started stepping through the mud, listening to his leather shoes squelch. After sometime he looked over his shoulder and only saw mist. At times like this he was most vulnerable to the memories of his past, like the images of burned down buildings and corpses of people he knew. These came at him like a flood, filling every space in his mind. He could smell the smoke, the rotting flesh and he could hear the crackling and the screams of people. Steve walked on, determined not to fall, not to give in. He could see the spire of the church now. Wondering about it and what the rest of the church looked like took the pressure of loneliness off a bit. He looked ahead and saw a man walking towards the church. Finally, he thought, company.
"You need to face your inside demon.
I did, I punched it in the face and it exploded.
But now it's back!
Of course it is. It's resourceful. It is my inside demon after all."
-Skullduggery Pleasent.

I don't have delusions of grandeur, I have the recipe for grandeur

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Old 04-17-2011, 08:17 PM View Post #42 (Link)
Wolfie (Offline)
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Lorren was dizzy and every stiff, frightened step she took was pained. She had to get away. She had to get out of this storm. In her confused delirium, she quickened her reluctant step, and promptly stumbled over a root, twisting her ankle.

Her bag caught and she stopped to pull it free. There was a flash of lightning, and she shrieked, giving a fevered yank, and the bag tore open, her things flying from it and scattering over the ground. She hesitated for a split second, but with the following rumble of thunder, she whimpered and quickly scraped a few items into her ruined bag and continued onward, limping painfully. Wherever "onward" was.

She didn't know how many hours she spent walking. Her ankle was a problem, but she ignored it. When the rain stopped, she didn't, and after a while, the glow of dawn began to peek through the clouds.

Lorren's mouth opened, looking ahead. Was there a break in the trees? Ten steps later, she saw that there was a town spread out before her. Too tired to feel particularly relieved, she dug into her memory for any recognition.

Hamsworth, she thought. I've made it. Familiarity washed over her; she remembered Hamsworth. It was here that they stayed every time they went to visit her cousin, year after year. It had been several years since Lorren came, though, and she hardly recognized it. The buildings were all the same, but there was some huge difference she couldn't place exactly. It was enough to raise the hairs on the back of her neck.

She limped into the muted light with her torn bag and the most important thing on her mind was finding her parents. As much as she hated their presence, she stood a better chance with their money than without it, and she had to have shelter. Immediately.
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Jack (Offline)
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Anastasia watched from beneath the cover of a thick shrub as the outsiders left the cabin one by one and shot off in the direction of the beach. She gripped the knife tight, so tight that the blade dented her skin and caused a few spots of blood to rise to the surface and break out, trickling down her hand. Before she had made her move, Jasper shot past her, shaking the nearby shrubbery and vanishing in to the thick tree line behind the cabin with the speed of a wild cat.

“Jasper! Where are you going?”

There was no reply. Anastasia new she would not be able to keep up with him at such speeds, so she returned to the cabin at once. Mauve and the rest of the kin were standing around, she heard Mauve whispering something in one of the beefier men’s ears. She stopped and stood as stiff as a pole when she saw Anastasia enter.

“The boy, he got awa--”

“Yes.” Anastasia scanned the room, swishing her head back and forth like a snake in the undergrowth. “And the other one got away too?”

“We had no time to react. We didn’t know there was another boy; he came out of nowhere and was gone quicker than I could say radula!”

“You incompetent bitch!”

Mauve was silent, the room was silent. Mauve could see the blood from the knife trickling down Anastasia’s arm.

“You…you, you will watch your tongue w-when you sp-speak t-t me, girl!” Mauve stuttered.

Anastasia reached up words with her knife hand, and brought it down on Mauve in a burst of uncontrolled rage. Mauve fell back on to the bed, blood streaking her pale face and black lips in brilliant crimson. She uttered a whimper, and a jagged cry of shock and anger.

“Kill her!” Mauve screamed, pointing in the direction of Anastasia. “Kill her!”

One of the men beside Mauve rushed at Anastasia, who lifted her knife arm but was knocked back with brute force against the cabin door, shunting her knife from her hand and sending it knocking against the wooden floor with a hollow thud.

“Get off of me you…brute!”

The man spun the girl around and shoved her through the cabin doorway and on to the muddy floor.

“You have violated a Sister of the Church of the Kraken. You must leave, and never return! You here me child? Never!”

And with that the door was slammed, living just Mauve’s hollow cries to echo about the cabin.


“Can I help you young lady?”

Father Manning had seen the young lady leave Rosie’s car and enter the old inn just minutes before, and she looked like she needed some help. I could help her get the lay of the land, he thought.

She seemed to be sleeping. So Manning took a cigarette from out of his waistcoat and sat down on an old barrel in the corner of the room. He lit it, watching the embers glow and then fade to grey before taking a toke.

Rosie entered the room, she was shaking almost uncontrollably. Her small side arm was again in her hand.

“Something the matter, Rosie?”

“Ya’ know damn well what ta’ matter is, Father!”

“The ringing. Aaah, yes, the ringing.” Father Manning smiled. “Well, I guess it is a slight problem, isn’t it?”

“I need access ta’ the caverns leadin’ to the mines.”

“I see.”

“No games father, this here is important, real important.” Rosie gripped the gun tight. “The key ta’ the church, father. Right now. Good and proper.”

Manning took another long toke on his cigarette.

“Right. Here you go then.”

He took a small brass key from his trouser pocket and placed it in Rosie’s now outstretched hand.

“Go careful down there. You never know what you might find.”

Another smile; a broad one that revealed pearly white teeth.

Rosie snorted and left the inn quickly. Manning just watched the girl and continued to smoke.


Jasper tread softly in the undergrowth. A noise, a snapping twig or rustling of dead leaves, had caused him to stop running and stand as still as a statue, surveying the surroundings for any slight movements. He was a good hundred or so yards away from the cabin, meaning that it had been completely lost to the trees and the morning mist. He sniffed the air searching for a hint of aftershave, the leather of shoes, blood. There was nothing. He grunted under his breath, adjusted his tie, and then turned back to the cabin.
Old 05-16-2011, 10:03 AM View Post #44 (Link)
Lykaios (Offline)
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Crouched low, Oliver watched the man through the undergrowth as he paused and seemingly sniffed the air. He couldn't help thinking how comical it looked: like a dog searching for a scent. Drenched through and scarcely remembering his last wash, Oliver doubted his smell could be parted from that of the wild around him. For once he was thankful for that; the man didn't look like the sort of guy he'd fancy a chat with, in fact, quite the contrary. The man turned back to the cabin, giving up on him, and Oliver sighed with relief. Something seriously creepy was going on here and he wasn't sure he wanted to be part of it.

Once he was sure the man was out of earshot, he stood up, still keeping low, and moved through the bushes. If he could find a town, he'd be pleased, and if not, he'd pray for reality to return with daylight. Things always seemed creepier at night. Already the sky was stained with the hints of colour. After walking for five minutes or so, keeping an eye out for anyone following, he found a small cliff with a long shingle beach below, dark black rocks scattering the bay like beached seals. The sea clung to the island like a dark beast, breathing in shallow sleep.

The cliff took some navigating but somehow he made it down to the beach where he sat down on the stones, allowing himself to breathe. Every inch of him itched and ached, his clothes heavy and wet against his skin. He considered making as fire but then he remembered the strange people at the cabin . . .

Blast them, he mumbled to himself. If they came, he'd see them - as far as he could tell, the only way to the beach was down the small cliff, the same way he'd come. He'd be ready for them, he's keep watch.

Driftwood was plentiful on the beach and it didn't take him long to gather a pile. They drier bits he'd found under an overhang of rock he used to start the flames. Thankfully his box of matches had somehow remained dry in his bag. The fire was small, but the warmth of it brought feeling back into his skin. He fed the fire carefully until he was sure it wouldn't go out. A pink tinge was spreading out from the horizon. For a moment he closed his eyes, leaning back against one of the great black rocks. Within a minute or two, exhaustion had caught up with him and he was asleep.

Old 05-16-2011, 02:26 PM View Post #45 (Link)
Faust (Offline)
Aspiring Author
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Everywhere,but Nowhere, but Anywhere
Posts: 303
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Steve walked into the ocean and drowned himself.

"You need to face your inside demon.
I did, I punched it in the face and it exploded.
But now it's back!
Of course it is. It's resourceful. It is my inside demon after all."
-Skullduggery Pleasent.

I don't have delusions of grandeur, I have the recipe for grandeur

My ywo family
Ji- Wifey. I shall be yours for ever and not even Emma Waton can compare
Emma- Daughter.
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