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Old 03-14-2017, 02:20 AM View Post #1 (Link) The Square
jessicamunson (Offline)
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I finally get to get out of this ignorant town today. The tickets for The Square are today at 7:30 at night. Maggie and I have been waiting for this event for 6 months now. The square is a surprise event. That’s all I know about it.
When the tickets first were announced, nobody wanted to go because people would like to know what they’re signing up for. After a couple of days of everyone talking about it but everyone knowing what it was, a text message was sent to everyone in the county about how if we go, one person will be given unlimited money, support, and basically anything they wanted. I was in school at the time, but bought it right away. Even if i didn’t want the tickets, I could always sell them. Plus, anything we want and unlimited money sounds pretty amusing.
The ticket I got was general admission, so I got two incase someone wanted to go. My friend Maggie found me after homeroom and immediately started rambling on about how much she wanted to go, but the tickets were sold out. She seriously wouldn’t shut up.
“Magg-” I tried to spit out
“And it would be such an amazing opportunity for a scholarship to ULA! I just really-”
“Maggie!” I interrupted,leaving her tranquil.
“Would you like to go to The Square with me?” Her mouth was so open, a whole potato could fit in it. Her head nodded vigorously so she jumped up and down.
“Really?! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” she screamed. Everyone now faced their attention towards the two geeks screaming their heads off. Great way to blend in, am I right?
That was 6 months ago, and today is the day we finally get to try and win!
We were one of the first ones there. Our excitement built us up too much, and we got there at noon. No big deal to us though. We get some type of show and a chance to win the impactful prize, so what’s wrong with wanting to be there early, get good seats. Someone told us that there was only one person actually working the whole show. Even the venue didn’t know what they were doing. How is that even possible that you could do a show but not tell anyone about it? That’s just a rumor though. I don’t know that for sure.
Maggie is just so excited, that she fell asleep the minute we got here. Just so incase it was all night, she could be awake and happy. Her bedtime is 9:30 so if it goes past 8:30, she would have been exhausted.
The line wasn’t very long compared to some of the concerts I’ve been to: Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Maroon 5. Everybody knew about them, so everybody was there. Only 50 people are allowed to enter anyways, I guess it wouldn’t make the line that long.
The nice old lady next to us in line, about 70-years-old, asked us what this concert is about. “My grandson bought me the tickets the second they were saying that someone could win millions or something obscure like that.” She said.
I didn’t know how to give the serene lady a statement she would understand so I looked at Maggie for help. She was awake now and alert. She looked startled by the fact that she was being out on the spot, but nonetheless answered quickly.
“Oh, uhm. Well nobody actually knows what’s going to happen. Nobody knows if it’s a concert or show and so on. This is all kind of just a surprise to everyone who bought the tickets.” Maggie explained. The old lady nodded her head and let out a giggle.
“This is all very informal. I don’t possibly know why my grandson bought me these; seems a little… hm what’s that word that you kids use a situation that’s patchy?”
“Sketchy?” I asked.
“ Yes, a little sketchy; does seem fun though. Keeps you guessing.” She says. We all nod and smile at each other. Awkward.
“Well it was nice meeting you.” Maggie says while I hold out the determination that this conversation will end soon, thanks to Maggie. “I hope to see you inside maybe; it’s almost 7.”
The lady was very sweet about ending the conversation and turning back around to her husband I’m guessing.
“Thank you for getting us out of that situation.” I say.
“I know you don’t like to talk to people much. You just like to sit there and only guess about their lives, not communicate.” She says. I smile at my best friend and a man in a suit comes outside to escort everyone in.
Everybody should be running inside, but I think everyone was a little scared or nervous of the fact that they bought tickets for god-knows-what.
Since Maggie and I were one of the first ones in line, we were on the first of the seats, but there were no rows, no seats, only square with the outline of them lit up red. Are we just going to stand up the whole entire concert? Will seats pop out eventually? I’m a little nervous now that I’m in here.
The auditorium is silent for the majority of the time before the concert. Everyone’s either scared or confused. I’m both. Maggie is yawning, but you can tell that she is definitely scared. How stupid is it for 50 people to just buy a ticket for something they get no background knowledge on to get a chance to win millions? I’m one of the stupid ones apparently.
“Welcome everybody,”a voice says over a speaker, “you are all one of the special ones out of billions of people in this world. So I welcome you to the game.”
The game? So does this mean it’s a game show? I’m fine with that. A game show where I can earn millions of dollars, Yeah I’m great with that.
“Now you all could be wondering why you are standing up and why you are in squares, you’ll just have have to wait and see… now all stand still for about 10 seconds why I scan the graveya- I mean your squares.” Everyone stays still and a red beam sprays around the auditorium. Okay now this is starting to get sketchy again.
“All clear, now let’s get started.” He says. A spotlight shines down on a young man, maybe about 20. His name pops up on a screen above us. Charlie Lane. Hmm that’s nice. How did they know his name though. We had a general admission ticket… hmm.
“As you may notice this is Charlie Lane. The rules are very simple. A box is behind each of your spots holding a voting device. Just be careful not to step out of your spots.” The voice said. Everyone turned around. There was this on younger girl, about in her 20’s, and she started screaming. Not like bloody murder screaming, but just constantly screaming “Fight me I can to whatever the heck I want! Just give me the billions of dollars now so I can go about my day!”
She stopped speaking while a red orb arose from the ground. There was no noise at all. In fact, it was so quiet my ears started to ring.
“If you would just kindly step out of your spot Miss Jane Adams, and you may receive…”
“Say no more!” Jane interrupted the man on the speaker. She stepped out of her square and was struck by a red bolt from the orb. It looked like a lightning bolt but sideways and red. I cannot be seeing this correct. She falls down and is carried away from a line that attached to her out of nowhere.
“She’s dead!” Maggie said, on the verge of tears. This cannot be happening. Is this legal?
“What just happened?!” A man in a yellow coat yelled.
“Jane did not listen to my directions. I said to not leave your spot. That is immediate disqualification.” The man said. Many quiet sobs are heard throughout the auditorium.
“Let’s continue, shall we?” He says again. I want to go home. I just want to go home. No, I don’t care if I don’t go home. I just want Maggie to be able to leave. She needs to get out of here. She is too precious. She needs to get out. Hopefully we won’t all die.
“So back to Charlie Lane. I am going to ask you a question about him and in your devices that you picked up from the box, you will be given 48 choices. Click the answer that you think is incorrect and you will live to see the next round. Answer it correct and you will be eliminated. Charlie will not answer this round since he knows what the answer will be.” I swear, what kind of sick game is this.
“What is Charlie Lane’s middle name?” the man asks. How in the world are we supposed to know this?
“You will have 30 seconds to answer.” I stare at my device. It has a whole bunch of names; James, Spencer, Leo, Lin, Rico, Corbin, Carter, Raymond. There’s so much to choose from.
I just close my eyes and slowly put my finger on my device, hoping I didn’t choose his correct middle name. I open them and look towards Maggie. She’s crying. Bawling. She does not deserve this. How can we both even get out of this? I can’t help a tear or two spilling out.
We wait 30 seconds, my heart rapidly beating out of my chest. I try my hardest to fight back tears. I could die. I didn’t get to say goodbye. To anybody. Maggie could die. There is only a 1 in 50 chance that I will see the light of day, but living with the fact that 50 people died to make my life satisfactory.
The red beam charges up with 5 seconds left, everyone just now pressing their buttons. 4 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1. I lock my eyes closed, scared for anything that will occur. I hear the ball of energy in the middle charge up and shoot nine times. Did he have 9 middle names?
“Hey, what just happened?!” the grandma standing next to Maggie and I in line says.
“If you do not vote, you will be executed. Yes, they may have not technically got the answer wrong, but they didn’t even try to guess.” The man on the speaker said.
I scrutinize my surrounding. Ten spots are empty. Ten people are dead. Next I examine the faces in the room. No people that i recognize besides Maggie. Wait… Is that? Austin May from my old middle school? It is! No no no no.
“Austin!” I whisper, trying to gain his attention. He looks around with confusion, then spots me with surprise. His eyes open so wide as looks at me. Tears start to come down.
“Next.” The spotlight turns towards Maggie. Oh thank god, she’s safe for this round. Her name and photos of her life pop up on the screens from above.
“Margaret Hayes. What is her current girlfriend’s name?” The announcer says. Maggie and I are both safe and sound for this round at least. Her girlfriends name is Cassie Jones. I look at my device. Cassie Jones was already taken by someone. I chose Lillian Blender. I look at Maggie with relief.
Maggie reaches out for my hand. She squeezes hand I look at her with determination. I will get her out of here. I love you is mouthed to her. She mouthed it back and smiles as a single tear rolled down her cheek.
Over and over again, Questions are asked. Questions are answered. People die. I contemplate what I did in my life. I shake it off so I don’t cry. I kind of went off into space, still selecting answers, but not giving any thought into my actions.
“Austin May.” The announcer says. I come back to life and look for Austin. Okay, I got this, I know about him. His life was told here and there.
“Which hospital was Austin May born in?” The announcer says. You have to be kidding me.
Okay so there’s Saint Joseph, Rose Medical Center, Beaumont Hospital which I believe is in Michigan, Centegra Hospital. I know he never lived in Michigan so I’m going to just say Beaumont. I press the button and there is knocking from below us.
“Ignore that.” The announcer said. Another knock then a blast happens, which shocks us all back into reality.
“Let’s just do a giant round where I give you a name and you have to get it correct in order to move on” he says in panic. “ You will be given two names and if you were to get one of them correct, than you will move on. All others will die.”
Maggie starts to freak out so I grab her hand and hold it tight. The banging keeps on happening, but it is to be ignored. My face shows up on the screen from above. I sigh from relief, as I’ve been doing all night and I click on my name, but my finger slips and said that I picked Everleigh June. No. This cannot be happening. I’m going to die. I look up and face the fact that I will die. At least Maggie will be able to go home. As long as she gets about 10 correctly, then she’ll be okay.
The banging is now nonstop. It’s getting so loud. I can’t tell but I think I hear sirens too.
The announcer's microphone is on when a whole bunch of people storm into his area and loud beating noises occur. There was only 14 seconds left and everyone started screaming turn it off and looking above me. I look up and the Announcers lounge was right above me.
“Please, for the love of god, turn it off!”I yell. I do not want to die.
The shuffling continues as the seconds count down. Joy is in the air, but slowly turns into panic as the countdown reaches 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1. Boom. Boom. Boom. I close my eyes as the booms strike. I look towards Maggie. I can’t cry in front of her. I just smile, eyes still closed. Time feels as if it slows down. Like the booms aren’t even striking anymore.
Wait. The booms aren't going off. The booms aren’t going off! I rip my eyes open and see that everyone is being escorted out of the room.
I’m okay. I’m alive. Maggie’s alive! I can’t believe it! Oh my God! We’ll be okay.
“Okay ma’am, let's escort you out so your family can come get you.” A man came up as I was collecting my thoughts. He gently takes me by the arm and walks slowly towards the exit. I cannot see anything. It’s all a blur. Everyone walks by me in a slow, blurry way.
I’m out. I lived. I need some sleep. I’m so tired. Just so dizzy. Just before I blackout, I hear someone say, “Not all of them are dead, some made it.”
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Old 03-21-2017, 11:32 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Leticias (Offline)
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nice story~
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