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ElfMeerkat13 (Offline)
Idea Scribe
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I wrote this script for part of my GCSE Drama course and thought I would upload it to here, please give me your feedback, I no longer need the script as the play is done, but it would be interesting to find out what people think!



(The stage is empty at the beginning of the play. The cast assemble at the back of the room and come through the audience. )

(Lights up and heart beat SFX. Bill Johnson carried through the audience.)

Paramedic (to audience, serious, slightly breathless)
This is Bill Johnson, aged thirty eight, BP one hundred and twenty over nighty, he is clammy and confused. We suspect alcohol poisoning... (to Dr. Leftley) we suspect alcohol poisoning, Iíll leave him in your capable hands doctor.

Dr. Leftley
Hello Mr. Johnson, Iím Dr. Leftley, I will be looking after you. OK, how many fingers am I holding up? (rude gesture.)

Bill (mumbling)
Where am I? Do you know where Ruth is? (tries to get out of bed, but Dr. Leftley gently pushes him back.)

Dr. Leftley
Youíre in hospital...youíre unwell Mr. Johnson.

Bill (attempting to get up again and getting quite agitated)
But, I NEED to see Ruth!

(Enter Billís son from stage right, breathless.)

Billís son [/I](running to his Dad.)[/I]
Dad?! (turns to Dr. Leftley) how is he?

(Bill starts to get agitated.)

Dr. Leftley
He is not at all well, we suspect alcohol poisoning.

(Billís son looks worried and confused.)

Who is he? Get him out of here! NOW!

(Billís son looks even more worried and confused. Dr. Leftley leads him out towards the door.)

Dr. Leftley
Come on, lets get you a coffee. (points head towards door.)

(Dr. Leftley and Billís son move to one side and mime a conversation about Bill, who is fidgeting a lot in his bed. Enter Narrator 1.)

(During the narration, Dr. Leftley disappears off behind the set and comes back with a coffee and a leaflet for the Alcoholics Anonymous Group. Dr. Leftley hands over the coffee and talks about the leaflet, then hands it over.)

Narrator 1
The Doctor talks to Billís son and suggests that his Dad should get help from a local Alcoholics Anonymous Group, run by the Matthew Project. Later that day...

(Exit narrator. Bill throws empty coffee cup away.)

Dr. Leftley
Your Dad is in here... (mimes opening door.) I will leave you to it.

Bill (smiles)
Cheers doc.

(Exit Dr. Leftley.)

(Bill is asleep but wakes up when his son speaks to him.)

Billís son
Hi Dad... its been a while.

Hello son... how are you?

Billís son
Could be better... the doctor told me to give you this (hands him leaflet and looks away, he is ashamed of his Dad.)

(Enter narrator. The above conversation is continued in mime.)

Narrator 1
Bill agrees that he needs help and that he will go to the Alcoholicís Anonymous Group, once he gets out of hospital.

(The lights fade to just a spot light on the narrator. While the lights are down, the rest of the characters remain on stage in silence, except Bill.)

Narrator 1 or 2 (or both?!)
(beat) 5 (holds up hand) ... days later ...

(Black out. Lights come back up to reveal the rest of the cast.)

... and I havenít had a drink for 2 months!

(Everyone claps, including Bill who has just come in, in an exaggerated style. He looks, sheepish and embarrassed.)


Alcoholics Anonymous Group Leader
Well done Craig! OK, whoís next then? (looks around the very quiet room.) Jim, you havenít spoken for a while... is there anything you would like to share with the group? (gestures to the rest of the group.)

Jim (looks down while shaking his head.)

Alcoholicís Anonymous Group Leader
Anybody else... (Bill shyly puts his hand up.) OK, just start with your name, and you can move on from there if you feel up to it.

Bill (long beat)
Hi... Iím Bill...

Everybody else (in unison)
Hello Bill!

I ... I really need your help. I .... I never used to ... to be like this before... my life has b-been a downward spiral for the past 3 years ...


Bill (on the top of the set, running down.)
What did I do?! Ruth... please donít go! (very loud) NOOOO!

Narrator 2
Billís wife Ruth left him because he had a money problem. But, fortunately Bill had his 18-year-old son to look after him. His money problem got better, however 12 months after Ruth left, it was time for his son to leave for university... his life... crumbled...

Narrator 1 (holds up sign)
Bill costs £30,000 per year to the taxpayer.

Narrator 2
18 months after his son left...

HR Officer (quite patronising and sarcastic etc.)
If you would like to come through...

(Bill walks in and shakes the HR Officerís hand before sitting down.)

Narrator 2
The restaurant Bill worked for had to make 3 people redundant. Bill was being considered and by the looks of things his job was on the line. He could not have been more nervous.

Sorry, Iím... soooo nervous! (canít get words out, nervous smile and laugh.)

Narrator 1
Bill loved his job at the restaurant and couldnít afford to loose it.

HR Officer
I will notify you once I have made my decision.

Narrator 2
But for Bill... it didnít look good... 2 weeks later, a familiar looking envelope came through the door, he knew what it was going to be!


(ĎHuman War Machine' by Dramatic Sports is playing as the letter is past back and forth through the letter box.)

Narrator 1
Bill... had been made ... redundant!

All (except Bill, in unison.)
Redundant... Redundant... Redundant...

Bill (loud.)
REDUNDANT! (put head down in distress.)

Narrator 2
Three months later... this time it was a threatening letter from the bank. Bill needed to pay off the money that he owed.

Narrator 1
Bill arranges a meeting to get more time to pay.


(The scene starts with Michael sitting down stage right, followed by Peter then Stephen standing up. They are all swaying from left to right in unison and occasionally bobbing up and down in unison. This piece is done to ĎRainbow - Jessie Jí and to a live sound effect of the train on the track, using pieces of metal.)

Hello Mr. Johnson, if you would like to come through ... Iím Peter ... (Bill sits down) and these are my colleagues Stephen ... (Bill - smile and handshake.)* and Michael (Bill - smile and handshake.)*

*Handshake is with right hand.

Stephen (banker 2)
So, how can we help you?

I received your letter earlier in the week...and I am concerned about how I am going to pay off my debt.

Stephen (banker 2)
Could you remind us of your current employment status Mr. Johnson?

I have been recently made redundant.

Michael (banker 3)
Can you excuse us for a one moment please...we would like to discuss this matter alone...

Narrator 2
The bankers came to the decision that they where going to give Bill 6 months to make the payments in full. The bankers where not thinking about Bill, but about themselves. He would have to pay, all of it...

Peter and Michael (bankers 1 and 3.) (in unison.)
All of it!

(Bill is happy and relieved but nervous after this line.)


Narrator 1
6 months passed...

(Telephone SFX.)


Man up...Bill (emphasis on Ďupí and even more so with ĎBillí.)

(Bill disconnects the man and starts to panic, tense music?)

(Loud, impatient knock at door. Bill looks a bit surprised and goes over to the peep hole, he sees who it is and slumps down onto the floor.)

(There is another knock at the door, Bill nervously opens the door.)

Bill (shy and timid)

Bailiff (fairly quickly)
Simon Jacobs from Jacobís Bailiffs (flashes an ID card.) We have come to reposses items to the value of ..........

Narrator 2
Bill was confused, he didnít understand why they hadnít gone to court. But they were here to get the money he owed.

We are here to collect the money you owe to the bank.

But I havenít got any money (getting emotional.)

Narrator 1
Bill was right but it was worse than having no money - he was costing £30,000 per year to the taxpayer. So the bailiffs took all his furniture, his TV and his appliances. Everything was taken but it still wasnít enough.

Narrator 2
Bill would have to give up his home. The bailiffs allowed him to sort out arrangements for a place to live but they only gave him 24 hours.

(Bill slumps on the floor to start with, then rushes to the cupboards to find alcohol.)

I need a drink... I need one!

Narrator 1
Bill found a bottle of wine. (Bill sits on the floor.) The bottle of wine soon went, this turned into another... Bill wasnít in control but the drink was now in control of him. Bill decided to go for a walk. He thought he would cool down, but someone found him drunk. (Song plays ĎI need a Doctorí.)

Bill? Oh God! Youíre drunk! Letís get you home. (Takes bottle off him.)

I havenít had a lot, only two bottles... or was it three? (stammer and slur speech).

You need a doctor now... (he reaches for his phone.)

No! (He reaches for the bottle.)

Oh no you donít mister! (Moves the bottle out of his reach.)

(Bill passes out.)

Bill... Bill... BILL?!

(Sirens and blue flashing lights.)


(Song playing: ĎWhat doesnít Kill you Makes you Strongerí.)

So... do you want to change?

Yes... I do. (Getting emotional - someone hands him a tissue.)

Narrator 2
Bill now lives with his son after going back to study at university. Bill was able to get a good job and then run his own business, although his son now controls his finances, his son being a lawyer, he should be OK for the foreseeable future.
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