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Old 05-03-2013, 10:41 PM View Post #1 (Link) Hello from London
tm285 (Offline)
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My name is Taran and I am an aspiring science fiction author with an idea:

In the publishing world, having a platform such as a blog, website or newsletter helps you stand out from the crowd and acts as a nice boost to initial sales when your novel first comes out. It can also hone your writing skills, provides great feedback and can often create revenue through banner ads. However unpublished authors do not have the time to generate enough content to make the blog credible whilst also working their other job and writing their breakout novel.

The idea is simple.

A group of unpublished authors start their own novel that is updated with one short chapter a week. Basic storyline, underlying themes and characters are developed and discussed before the project begins. Each chapter is written by a separate author at a time and shared with the group prior to being updated on the blog. Discussions are maintained throughout to make sure the book remains on track and authors are familiar with the direction the book is headed. Some ideas for how this might work would be to have one character's point of view or a focus on one character for each chapter; la Game of Thrones. The story might benefit from the different writing styles in this way, though POV will remain the same.

Initial blog viewers would be generated through sharing over social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google + with later viewers from Google searches, word of mouth and articles that take an interest on this new approach to writing. Forums on the blog will allow blog readers to take part in discussions on the book's themes and characters and allow them to make suggestions on what might happen later in the book. This will allow for more page views and greater content generation as well as constructive feedback. To try and keep the content fresh, novels will naturally come to their own conclusion and be completed, whereupon a new novel will be started. The completed novels can then be self-published under all authors names or be submitted to publishing houses depending on appropriateness and how other authors feel (In this case, majority rules). Websites such as Kickstarter could be an avenue this project might go down.

Accessing deviantART will allow for student artists to get involved and add their work based on the novels in exchange for the publicity from having their art on our blog and potential hire for cover art and illustrations later down the line. This will help prettify the blog and keep it fresh, as well as proving opportunities for aspiring artists too.

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Old 05-04-2013, 12:40 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Lykaios (Offline)
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