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Old 02-07-2018, 08:44 PM View Post #1 (Link) Battle for Japan: Serpents & Whales through the Gateway
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Feb 2018
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(pt 1 Serpents & Whales through the Gateway, pt 2 An Empress's Scroll, pt 3 Peach Trees of Immortality, pt 4 Ryujin's Tide Jewels, pt 5 The Red-headed Girl's Coffer, pt 6 Mutants vs. Shinto Deities)

Battle for Japan
Peach Trees of Immortality

Sound of someone biting chunk from fruit. Chewing. One tiger roar.



With bokken (wooden sword) in hands, we see kimono wearing Chujitsuna kendo fence with other men in kimonos, plus that woman samurai who all swing bokkens attacking him at once even from his blindsides.

He's aged a little more, developed the power to see all around him while looking in one direction. He dodges, parries, blocks from every angle sometimes w/o even turning around, seems to be predicting everyone's moves.


So you're the first and only my Pa the Shogun's ever taught his three hundred and sixty degree field of vision technique, plus with your skill level of swordsmanship you're known to never lose a sword fight.


As much as we hate and rarely use sneak attacks which Ume and her cowardly shinobi are quite fond of, we sure need 'em against ya.


You're one fine seme as well as uke though Onna Bugeisha.

The DAIMYO steps in, they stop, he bows to them as they bow back.


Konichiwa daimyo.


Chujitsuna-san, Onna Bugeisha. Kijo, oni, they've invaded Hokkaido.


We gotcha.



An army of oni (red Japanese demon ogres) carry kanabo spiked clubs, tramp alongside kijo( white Japanese demon ogresses) who have long razor-sharp fingernails and long razor-sharp toenails.

They sprint after baaing sheep, mooing cows, bleating goats, grab then gobble each up. They're led into battle by fellow oni SHUTEN-DOJI, crowned and caped king of the oni who charges alongside them, guzzles beer from a wooden beer barrel, belches, pukes it all out, trips, dive-rolls, rises, drunkenly staggers when he walks, draws kanabo.

Across from them charge an army of katana, spear, bladed pole staff, and chigariki flail drawing samurai on horseback which includes armored Chujitsuna. They're escorted by their pack of drooling shishi (lion dogs) that run next to them, affectionately lick them, rub their heads against them. All shishis morph themselves into living stone, woof then roar at the kijo and oni.

(As he slaps kijos' rear ends)

I've been painting nude portraits of y'all's Shogun's wife; how glorious they are!


What a pervert you are.

Behind the shishi and samurai march their ashigaru foot soldier archers who raise bows, fling an arrow barrage at the oni and kijo. Both sides clash. Oni kill samurai then wolf down the corpses to fill their bellies. Fallen samurai are avenged by whimpering shishi who fight then maul kijo and oni to death.

Chujitsuna peeks at that torn ninjutsu witchcraft scroll, throws up one hand mudra towards the sun, draws in visible heat energy, has a fireball strike an oni burning it, another mudra towards a river, has its water whip then knock over a kijo, a third mudra, has Shuten-Doji gale-force windblown down to the ground which he shakes when landing.

An adult male TATSU (oriental dragon) bellows, swoops in, swallows up one sheep, snatches woman samurai up, soars off with her.



While she reads small torn bottom portion of that scroll, we watch ninja garbed Yoru who looks several years older, tiptoe atop water. She sinks with a splash.



Within the sky’s blustering winds, an air force of ninjas stand gliding on one hundred bamboo rafts that each have one gargantuan kite chained to their four corners, enormous war fans for wings on their sides.

They steer their gliders by pulling the chains down. The ninja are accompanied by kitsunes (thirteen-tailed red foxes) who shoot deadly fireworks from the tips of their thirteen tails as they stand on the gliders with them, and dozens of sohei (Japanese warrior monks) who wield Bo staffs, spears, wear ice skates, yuki-onnas (icy-skinned women in kimonos) who wear ice skate, use frost breath to blow ice bridges between mountaintops for them and the sohei to ice skate on up in the sky. All yuki-onnas draw war fans. They all dodge floating fire-balloon bombs that explode.


They just won't surrender their cluster of mountain temples huh Konoichi?


Guess not Sensei; they'll die trying to keep each, too bad this air force alliance had to go down. The empress wanted 'em all for us shinobi only, now we must share with monks and their ice wives; betcha they'll leave the rooms freezing.

The ninjas, sohei, yuki-onnas, and kitsunes are at war with soaring itsumades (fire-breathing beaked human-headed eagles with snake tails) plus both types of flying tengus (raven goblins), the angel looking type with human arms and raven wings on their backs wield Bo staffs, the winged type without human arms who look more like ravens wield talon blades on their feet. All three birdlike yokai launch fire-balloon bombs from their mountaintop temples.



Dungeon's filled with cobwebbed samurai armored skeletons. With grappling hook and metal cleats on her feet, Yoru rock climbs inside, twirls sansetsukon triple nunchaku staff, Chujitsuna pulls tachi sword from belt, they fight. With wood mudra he rapidly ages/crumbles her triple nunchaku staff's wood, leaves behind its two short chains which Yoru tosses aside.

He water mudras her, has large puddle wash her out of dungeon's cave entrance. Before she can plummet all the way down the mountain, she sprints up the pouring water, does a front flip back inside.


Nice try.


Buoyancy technique, that's what's up.

They engage in unarmed combat, she whups his ass, from down dungeon hall charges that tatsu. Chujitsuna draws chigariki flail.


Knew the ultra-samurai would come for his Onna Bugeisha, time to die boy.

(While it lets out attacks)

Smell my vacuum breath, wind breath, fire breath!

Chujitsuna gets sucked towards the tatsu through the air, uses mudra to stop incoming wind gale, another mudra to put out fire, gives the dragon's jaw a flail leaving its cheek bloodstained, lands on his feet.


Ha! All three reeked, two no match for my magic.


He meant Ume's magic he stole.

With mudra Chujitsuna forms clone of himself. The clone tries to help him and Yoru slay the dragon which breathes on it turning it into stone, thunder breath lightning bolt strikes it to chunks.

It frost breaths Yoru, traps her in ice which cracks once it gives her a tail swipe, sends her flying down dungeon hall.

(Shivers soaked)

Oh hell naw; that's it tatsu.

Her body quickly stops shivering, she ninjato sword stabs the dragon through its heart, its carcass vanishes, its spirit enters her, transforms her into an adult female oriental dragon.

Chujitsuna frees that woman samurai from dungeon cell, hands her a bouquet, bouquet morphs itself into a flower goblin that climbs onto her shoulder to sit. With mudra Chujitsuna summons a kirin (antlered oriental dragon horse) that appears with a POOF. It nickers, they mount on it.

Dragon Yoru tries out her lightning breath, fire breath, gale-force wind breath, vacuum breath, frost breath, and stone breath on a colony of screeching vampire bats, soars out of cave.

She looks down at this riverside pasture, where on all fours walk organless hollow sheep carcasses made into disguises with slits, which ninjas pop up out of to ambush then assassinate samurai, ashigaru, and daimyos. From under and out of the river rush more ninja who help the others attack.



Yoru struggles to steal a peach from the peach orchard of an immortal old woman known as XIWANGMU, who wields a sasumata (pole-staff with horseshoe shaped top), can stop time for two seconds, cast a shadow of pitch-black darkness over Yoru, touches objects giving them antigravity which sends them flying at Yoru for only a few seconds.


Go-ahead and toss me one of those peaches Xiwangmu, don't wanna have to hurt your old ass.


You disrespectful young heifer, take one good look at me. Do you seriously wish to live forever as an elderly wrinkled woman?

Xiwangmu’s helped by GAMA, an immortal old man who wields a tsukubo(spiked T-shaped pole staff), shape-shifts into an enormous toad, expels a poisonous slime from his back when bitten by dragon Yoru, smacks and throws her around with his pierced stretchy tongue, lets Xiwangmu mount on him for her antigravity touch, so he can float around to fight.

While in human form Yoru eats one peach, becomes immortal, gains quick regenerative healing factor, instant reattachment of any separated body part.

She goes dragon, soars away, reverts to her human form, lands on lake's surface, ultra-sprints across it. By the ankles several kappas yank her underwater where they hold her still, try to drown her, notice she's not dead from breathing in water.

More swim her way armed with sodegarami, she uses ancient looking lighter to ignite short fuse rope attached to tiny bomb on kunai, stabs herself, KABOOM when she and the turtle goblins explode. Her body puts itself back together, those kappas' blood, guts, and shell pieces remain in the lake.

Yoru then reaches jungle, calmly gazes up into an approaching gigantic male Bengal tiger’s eyes. It crouches, rolls over, she gives it a belly rub, its body vanishes, its spirit enters her body.



With eyes shut the SHOGUN meditates on knees. He opens his eyes, sees all around him three hundred and sixty degree field of vision. With her teleportation, Ume appears behind him.


You'll die right where you're kneeling Shogun.

(Stands, pulls tachi sword from belt)

Foolish Ume; I think not, I've ordered my samurai to axe down Xiwangmu's peach orchard. Only cowards such as your ultra-shinobi Yoru Hoshi fear earthly death and seek to remain in the flesh for all eternity.

(Draws twin bladed war fans)

Save the chatter for your near afterlife.

He visibly drains her life force energy when blocking her while she teleports around striking him from every angle. She gets slower and slower, stops to catch her breath. He pulls a tanto dagger on her, gives her thigh a stab. With fukiya in her hand Yoru shows up, ultra-runs in circles up and down along dojo's walls followed by dive-rolls as she darts down shogun, which doesn't seem to be poisoning him at all.



The kirin mounted shogun, kirin mounted Chujitsuna, other kirin mounted samurai, ashigaru foot soldier archers, oni, kijo, Shuten-Doji, kappas, kawausos (river otters) that transform into their foes or allies, mujinas (badgers) that transform into their foes or allies, kitsunes, shishi, plus green adult male oni FUJIN (Shinto god of wind who carries cloth sack filled with air that has rope-tied ends), all wait united on one side of the bridge.

Across from them on the other side of the bridge, Ume, Yoru, hakutaku (nine eyed, six-horned bull) mounted ninjas, yamawaros (Japanese cyclopes), bakus (monstrous tusked tapirs), tanukis, sohei, itachis (weasels) whose auras glow purple for them to hypnotize foes, nekomatas, animate human skeletons which the chanting nekomatas raise from a graveyard, yuki-onnas, hashihimes (kimono wearing women who bob in water below the bridge, clutch kunai knives with bomb fuses attached to them, have candle fires burning in their hair, wick fires burning between their teeth), and purple adult male oni RAIJIN (Shinto god of lightning, thunder, and storms, who holds taiko drumsticks as circle of taiko drums hover vertically behind him with lightning ring running through their wooden sides) all wait united.

Both sides clash, smokescreens when ninja hurl smoke bombs. With wick flames, swimming hashihimes ignite kunai bomb fuses, volley kunai from between their fingers lodging each into enemies who explode.

Raijin and Fujin soar skyward towards each other, gnash when meeting head-to-head. Fujin uses air sack to smack Raijin around, mudra to have him gale-force windblown in backflips till he's slammed against a mountain.

Raijin bashes Fujin with his drumsticks, uses them to beat backwards on the drums behind him which forms thundercloud, makes its lightning strike Fujin out of the sky.


We're both immortals, but that won't stop me from knocking you out Raijin.


Cease with your yapping Fujin; we'll see about it.

Hakutaku mounted ninjas ride up from behind the shogun’s army for rear sneak attack. Samurai have their kirins turn around. In slo-mo the kirins and hakutakus bump antlers and horns as ninja and samurai block one anothers' weapon strikes, speed returns to normal.

Seeable airstreams when Yoru hurls whizzing shuriken at foes. She shape-shifts into a gigantic white tigress, wrestles shishis till they go living statue, get cracked dead into stone chunks by her. She lets out tiger roars whose visible soundwaves thrust enemies backwards, stands on her hind-legs, shoots her front claws into foes, new claws quickly grow back. She then goes dragon, uses fire then lightning breath to blow flame then thunderbolt at Shogun. Shogun absorbs both, sends them right back at her, doesn't miss.

Kappas rip shrieking ninjas’ and soheis’ bodies open, devour their corpses' organs. Yamawaros and Oni whack each other with spiked kanabo clubs, wrestle. Ninjas disguised as samurai kill real samurai, pull off armor then oni masks to reveal their ninja garb.

Chujitsuna rapidly ages the wood of ninjas’ nunchakus, so that the wood crumbles leaving nothing but the short chains which drop. Tanukis charge, shape-shift into rolling boulders, crush kitsunes. The fight gets confusing due to the ones transforming into their foes, so both armies retreat.



The last of those animate humans’ skeletons interlink to form one giant human’s skeleton known as Gashadokuro. Gashadokuro chases kirin mounted samurai up the mountain, which Gama and Xiwangmu’s palace sits on, snatches samurai from up off of their kirins then eats the samurai.

Samurai axe down Xiwangmu’s peach trees. Xiwangmu and Gama fight Gashadokuro. Chujitsuna sneakily wood mudras Xiwangmu's peach orchard till all remaining peach trees quickly grow old then collapse, uses earth mudra to cause a landslide that sends Gashadokuro tumbling downhill, before he has the giant skeleton fall into a chasm, which he shuts crushing it to its demise.

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Old 03-04-2018, 02:40 AM View Post #2 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Feb 2018
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Lotta improvement would be nice, too lazy tho lol. Esp. with last 3... Just luv to share imagination with y'all.
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Old 03-31-2018, 02:36 PM View Post #3 (Link)
MiriamD (Offline)
Novice Writer
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wonderufl .
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Old 04-11-2018, 09:32 PM View Post #4 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 16
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Thanks for reading if u did lol. Too much action not enough dialogue must get tedious.
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