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Old 01-24-2018, 04:43 AM View Post #1 (Link) Double pervert
Georgy (Offline)
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She forced herself to quit laughing and said with a sparkle of naughtiness in her eyes. "Yeah, it's not funny at all. But it's not suprising either. If I weren't your sister but just a girl who you decided to woo, I would do my best to eschew you. You're fatso and slob! Do you think girls are longing for such kind of guys? Do you think a girl dreams of a fat guy with sleaze manners, greasy tangled hair, sleepy eyes, devouring food and watching porno, burps and farts every now and then without apologising? Look, you're the most disgusting creature, George, that I ever seen in my life. But I'm your sister and," she looked at a clock on the wall of the lounge, opposite the couch where we were sitting "and your birthday has come, and I changed my mind in regard with a gift. I think, inasmuch as our parents are not expected back until morning, I want to present you a professional girl for this night."
" What?" I exclaimed.
"Try a real sex with a prostitute. I'll pay for it. It's my birthday gift to you."
" Do you mean a whore is the best gift for me?" I gaped at Lily with indignation.
"Look, George, you're twenty two and never had a girl. It stinks, unnatural, unhealthy and ugly. Let's go to your laptop, you choose a girl you like and we make an order, but keep in mind we are limited to five hundred bucks and your happy time lasts till eight o clock in the morning. Come on!"
I turned on the laptop and delved into the site where a variety of girls were offering their services. For ten minutes I scrolled the string of sexy dressed damsels until one of them, a thin brunette, named Arabella, with full lips and mesmerizing eyes, caught my attention.
Lily summarized "Ok, hundred dollars an hour, not so expensive actually. I hope one hour enough for you?"
" I want two."
" What are you going to do with her for two hours?"
"I feel like I will think up something."
"Okay, George, it's your birthday." Lily sighed. "Two hours. Call her right now."
My sweaty trembling fingers dialed the specified number and very pleasant female voice answered, "At your service, sir."
"Hello, I would like ..." I hesitated.
"You'd like Arabella?" the voice suggested cheerfully.
"Yeah," I exhaled.
"Right now?"
"Your whereabouts, please?"
I gave her our address.
"Is it your home? I mean, not a pub, club, your work, or sort of?"
" I'm at home."
"How old are you?"
"Twenty two."
"Fine, you want me for all night?"
"For two hours."
"That will cost three hundred."
"Wait, wait, hang on, I thought it would be two hundred."
" If you take me for all night one hour costs one hundred, if you take me only for two hours every hour costs one hundred and fifty. Got it?"
" Bitch," hissed Lily and pressed her fist to her lips.
"Yeah, I got it."
"Well, I'll come in half an hour."
The connection was reset while my heart was going to burst increasing its pulsation.
Lily handed me three hundred dollars and said "Good luck,George, and have a nice birthday! I'm going to have a good night. Do not disturb me, please."
She went upstairs and I heard her slam her bedroom door.
I became so sweaty that I had to change my shirt. At last the bell rang, I pulled up my tummy and headed for the front door.
"Who is there?" I asked.
"Arabella," a coarse voice answered.
I opened the door and froze stunned.
I saw in front of me a woman of about fifty ( It was not easy to define her age because of the thick layer of makeup on her face. But her hands were withered, wrinkled, with thick blue veins).
She waved her hand moving her dyed black hair( which were gray at roots) and said "I bet you've never such a cute pussy as I am, baby?"
"Sorry," I gasped out. "You have me confused with someone else. "
"What does the hell that mean, baby?" She named exactly our address and repeated in a threatening voice. "Did you order the girl named Arabella?"
" Yep, I mean I ordered the girl depicted on the site, not her grandmother."
"What?" the woman screamed. "How did you call me, stupid fat pingvin?"
"Sorry," I said irritatingly. "I think I'd better renounce my order."
She turned around and shouted " Guys, there's a fat freak who doesn't want to pay!"
Two tall guys appeared out of the darkness.
"What's the problem, dude?" One of them with short light hair and a scar across his face said with a sadistic grin. "You can't change you mind when the girl is already here. Give me three hundred, and enjoy fucking her!"
" Where do you see a girl?" I exclaimed. "I don't want this old woman!"
"What?" the woman screamed. " Am I an old woman?" She looked at the guys. "Are you going to let this fat crap offend me?"
One of the guys grabbed my hand tight and shrieked " Your motherfucker will have to answer for the insult! You pay five hundred and fuck her, otherwise we're gonna push your head into your own ass."
"I have only three hundred. Moreover, I don't want her!"
"Look," the other guy said peacefully, "you can't even imagine what an amazing blowjob she is capable of doing. You just close your eyes and relax..."
"No," I shouted. "I don't let this old hag do it even if you pay me three hundred!"
"What?" the woman stared at the guys. "You are gonna put up with this?"
The first guy hit me on the solar plexus with the power of a professional boxer. I bent over feeling a fit of vomit.
The guy rummaged in my pockets and took from it three hundred dollars and said to the woman " Only three hundred. But wait, he has a godamn chain."
He tore off the chain from my neck and admired the medallion. The woman stared at the medallion and said in a trembling voice.
" Open it. Inside there must be a sign "To my son from an unhappy mother. A"
The guy did it and looked inside.
"Fuck," he said under his breath and stared at Arabella. "What does that shit mean?"
She looked point-blank at me and asked " How did you get this medallion?"
I was so stupified that was not able to answer at once.
"The lady's asking you, jerk," the guy pushed me slightly by his elbow.
"I don't remember..." I mumbled in total frustration. "I've been wearing it since a childhood."
Arabella grew pale and grab my hand "You sure? Don't lie to me!"
" Yes, it's true!" I screamed. "I swear to god I had this medallion from my childhood. It was a present from my Mom. Please, would you take your hands off, it hurts."
Arabella released my hand and asked "What's your mother's name?"
"Too many questions," I grumbled. "Please, I want my medallion and my money back and I promise you to not call the police."
"The lady's asking you, jackass," the guy punched me powerfully on the liver.
"Don't!" Arabella shouted at the guy. "Don't hurt him!" Them she turned to me "What's your mom's name?"
"Joanna," I hissed, stroking right side of my belly.
Arabella's lips was quavering, her nose wrinkled, her eyes became hazy, one tear rolled down her powdered cheek, then another. She covered her face with her palms and turned away. Her shoulders began twitching.
The guys looked at each other.
"What the fuck is going on?" one of them asked Arabella.
"Don't you see," I answered contemptuously. "The lady is sobbing and near hysterical. Seems like my mention of the police impressed her too much, but again, as I said I won't call the police if you give me my money and medallion back."
Arabella turned to the guys and said " Give him his money and medallion back."
"No," the guy said. " We wasted too much time on the guy. It must be paid off."
Arabella open her leather purse and handed me three hundred bucks. I took it and pushed them into my pocket. Arabella grabbed medallion from the guy and returned it on my neck.
She kissed me on my brow and hugged tightly.
"Let's go," through the sobs she addressed the guys and headed swaying to their car. The guys shrugged their huge shoulders and followed her. They got into the car and drove off.
When their car dissapeared into darkness I shut the door, crawled into the kitchen, and began eating.
I was pleased with myself, overall, but there was one thing I couldn't understand: If that woman was so afraid of the police, why the hell she stuck to this precarious and unholy occupation?
But then I stopped thinking about this woman and her life.
In the end of the day it was my birthday, and although again I did not have a sexual experience, I had three hundred dollars. I took them from my pocket and smelled the sweet perfume. Not bad actually.
"And the internet has everything on it. It's a blessing and a curse."
"The point of poetic prose, in my opinion, is to illuminate a truth, make us see something that's there, but hidden."
"I believe we stand together to address the real issues facing this country, not allow them to divide us by race or where we come from. Let's create an America that works for all of us, not the handful on top." Senator B.Sanders
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Old 02-06-2018, 06:09 PM View Post #2 (Link)
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
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That was interesting, wonder why the old call girl got friendly towards dude at the end, maybe she's related to him his mother's sis or something.
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