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Old 06-15-2017, 12:51 PM View Post #1 (Link) Knowing it:
Sayandeep Sahoo (Offline)
Novice Writer
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Location: Behala, Kolkata , West Bengal , India
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What seems a way out towards light for Few

Have turned out to be dark and dead ends for the Rest

What seems to be a new land for the Rest

Have been ventured already in the dreams of the Few

Dreams that doesn't show up that often in the present day

Just flashbacks of least done and mostly undone!

The Few and The Rest would always be the couples who would never change

And accept the world to criticize and praise them at the same time 

It doesn't matter who wins , what matters the world is that they see a good game 

A game where one subsides to make a chance to the other-
Cruel and cunning and yet so very much liked 

Perhaps for the Good to give it's best and the Worst to make at least a try.

Perhaps the magazines, papers, advertisements that lures to justify the Few fails to motivate the Rest

The Rest who deserves a fair chance to be a part of this known and unknown world 

The same Rest who fails to keep that pace falls way behind 

The Few who wins blinds the world with just magical and yet so very real sense of life

Have always been investments by the society aiming at earning mere profits!

To be honest with you flocks,I am least of the two

My work is just to write and open a space for You to think 

Think what You have gained and repent over those special moments that You have missed running to add to your achievements!

Never mind me, I am just a new way towards thinking, We all are 

Try to avenge what I said but keep away the society aside for a day and try not gurgling out what you were made to think 

And cherish once again and innovate ways that excludes you from the hustle and tussle going between The Rest and The Few

Try seeing dreams - dreams that drags you out from the real world 

Makes you see the darker side of the day and the illuminated side of the night !
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