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Old 05-16-2017, 11:02 PM View Post #1 (Link) The Lost posession
WordWizard (Offline)
Abstract Thinker
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Scene 1, Act 1

The set is Valerie inside her bedroom with the door closed and Dad is standing on the other side. There are stairs leading down to the dining room on the side where Dad is standing. Beneath the stairs is the dining room. To the left is the kitchen and to the right is the parentsí bedroom.

Valerie: Where did I put that?

Dad: (standing right outside her door) What? Are you asking me?

Valerie: No. Iím just trying to find something that I lost.

Dad: Well! That explains why you have been in your room for so long.

Valerie: How long have I been in my room?

Dad: Youíve been in your room for over an hour. Your breakfast is getting cold.

Valerie: Okay! Iíll be down once I find the item Iíve lost. (She resumes her search)

Dad: Please eat breakfast first. You have a tendency to lose things that are right in front of you.

Valerie: Youíre right. (She stops searching and walks out of the room. The floor is a mess) Sorry, I thought you were downstairs. I didnít think you were standing outside my door.

Dad: Thatís okay, but youíre gonna have to clean up the mess. What did you lose?

Valerie: I lost my most valuable possession. (She starts to walk down the steps)

Dad: Thatís not specific enough. (Follows Valerie down the stairs)

Valerie: (surprised) I thought you knew exactly what I was talking about.

Dad Well, I canít help you if you won't be more specific. If you stop looking for it it will probably show up.

Valerie: (She reaches the bottom of the stairs and crosses the room to sit down at the table) It might not show up. Thatís what Iím worried about.Ē

Mom: (Walks in concerned) What are you worried about?

(Valerie attempts to respond but she is cut off by Dad)

Dad: She has lost her most valuable possession. I canít help her find it because I donít know what it is! Do you know what it is?

Mom: Actually, I believe I know exactly what it is!

Dad: What is it?

Mom: I think it would be better for Valerie to go up to her room with me. Right, Valerie?

Valerie: Right. Iím sorry, Dad, but I donít want you to know. How about we go up after breakfast. (She starts eating her egg and spinach omelette)

Dad: Thatís okay. Itís better if I get ready to go to work so that I wonít be late. You guys are lucky to have a day off from school and work. (He leaves the dining room and heads over to his bedroom)

Valerie: (calls after him) You donít have to go to work. You could always stay home. (Sheís finished with breakfast)

Dad: (He comes back out and into the dining room.) No, I have to go. I hope you find what you are looking for. (He walks over to the door)See you later (He closes the door behind him.)

Act 2

Dad is in the car driving to the work.

Dad: (grinning foolishly to himself.)

I know exactly what she has lost! She will never find it because I have it! I canít believe that it was her most valuable possession. I wonder when they will stop looking for it. Will they spend the whole day looking for it? I guess Iíll see what they're up to when I get back from work. I never understood why Valerieís favorite possession was a pink stuffed animal. She is way too old for the stuffed animal. Teenagers need to grow up and stop relying on stuffed animals. Someone much younger will enjoy that stuffed animal which I donated yesterday. Hopefully, she will learn that she needs to grow up and canít be dependent on the stuffed animals. Will I ever tell them that I donated it? Will they figure it out. Will they ever now? (He parks his car in the school parking lot)

Act 3
back at the house with Valerie and mom looking for the item after theyíve finished eating breakfast

Valerie: The last time I saw it it was on my bed.

Mom: When was the last time you saw it?

Valerie: Yesterday before I went to bed. I know Dad doesnít approve off teenagers walking around with stuffed animals.

(Both of them jump startled as the doorbell rings)

Valerie: Crap! I forgot that my friend is coming over.

Mom: (as Valerie is running down the stairs and through the dining room) Too bad your room is such a mess.

Valerie: Hey, Meg it is so nice to see you again.

Meg: How are you doing? I havenít seen you in so long.

Mom: (calls down from upstairs) How about you guys go for a walk? Iíll keep-

Valerie: (Valerie cuts her off annoyed) Thatís enough, Mom.

Mom: Just trying to helpful. Ask Meg what she wants to do.

Valerie: Thatís what I was about to ask her. Please let us mind our own business.

Meg: I want to see your room. Iím curious to see if it looks the same as it did last time I was over.

Valerie: Itís a mess since I forgot you were coming over.

Meg: Iíd rather see your room but Iím up for a walk. You can describe what it looks like or we can come take a look later.

Valerie: Hey, Meg. Do you want anything before we go back out? Also, you may not believe it but my room looks exactly like it did the last time you were here.

Mom: Donít forget your coat.

Valerie: You know that I donít know where mine is.

Meg: Letís go.

(Meg and Valerie walk outside)

Act 3 Scene 2

A sidewalk with many houses

Meg: I havenít seen you in so long! How are you doing?

Valerie: Fine. Iím just really busy with school work.

Meg: Me too. Iím glad that Iím taking a break from school work now.

Valerie: What classes are you taking this year?

Meg: Iím taking a lot of Ap classes.

Valerie: Which oneís are you taking?

Meg: Iím taking AP sociology, AP bio which is double period, AP lang and AP art history.

Valerie: Thatís a lot of Aps. What are your other classes.

Meg: Iím also taking honors modern world history, honors Spanish 3 and honors statistics. What are you taking?

Valerie: Iím taking mostly on level classes and a few honors. The honors classes Iím taking are honors astronomy and Honors english. I have on level Government, on level Medieval European history, on level general PE, on level geometry and Literature as film.

Meg: Youíre a sophomore right?

Valerie: Correct. Youíre a junior, right?

Meg: Are you doing any clubs or activities outside of school?

Valerie: I do book club but that's about it. What do you do?

Meg: I tutor for Spanish honor society. Iím also involved in a science club. I do sound for theater performances. These are my favorites. It would take too long for me to share all of them.

Valerie: Well, what play are you doing?

Meg: Endgame by Samuel Beckett. I hope you can come see the play.

Valerie: Iím getting kind of hot. Do you want to go back home.

(They turn back around and start walking home)

Meg: May I ask you something?

Valerie: Of course! You are my best friends!

Meg: It sounded like you lost something . What did you lose? When we get back I can help you find it.

Valerie: Oh, it will sound really stupid.

Meg: Itís fine. Iím your best friend.

Valerie: Well, it is my most valuable possession.

Meg: What is your most valuable possession? Sometimes you need to be more specific.

Valerie: (sighs) Okay, then. It is this pink stuffed animal Iíve had forever

Meg: May I ask why the stuffed animal is your most valuable possession?

Valerie: This stuffed animal is a pass down from past generations. My grandfather left it to me when he died shortly before my birth. This is my only connection to him. Having the stuffed animal with me regardless of where I go helps me feel that he is there for me even though I will never meet him.

Meg: Iím sorry for asking. I didnít know that it was so deep.

(They reach the house)

Valerie: (Before they go inside) Meg, youíre my best friend. You have a right to know.

Meg: Iím just gonna let you know that you donít have tell me anything you donít want me to know. I will always be here for if you need me for anything. Feel free to text or call. Iíll listen to anything that you say.

Act 4

(Gets out of the car. Walks of the steps and into the school)

Dad: (enters school building)

Mr. Warner: (sees Dad) Hello. How you doing?

Dad: Fine. Just wish we didnít have to come in for teachers professional day.

Mr. Warner: We knew weíd have to when we signed up for the job. Got much grading to do?

Dad: I have 6 classes of tests and other assignments to grade. Boy, that is going to take a while.

Mr. Warner: You better get to it. Nice talking to you. (He takes off and goes to his classroom)

(Dad follows suit and goes to his classroom)

Act 4 Scene 2
The classroom has 6 rows of desk horizontally. The teacher's desk is right in front and left of the desk. The door is parallel to the teacher's desk but it's on the right side. Right in front of the door, there is a trapezoid shaped table. In the center and farther back than the table is the Promethean board. Behind the desks is a circular table. The teacher's desk has a computer and papers strewn all over the desk.

Dad: Where did I put my papers? I thought I left them right on that counter (He looks pointedly at the counter) Did I leave them at home? I sure hope not!

Ms. Sophia: (enters Dadís classroom) Hello. I overheard that you couldnít find something?

Dad: I canít find the papers to grade. I am not going to make them retake it.

Ms. Sophia: (points at a desk in the front room of the classroom)
Are those the papers?
Dad: Yes, thank you so much. I tend to lose things that are right in front of me all the time.

Ms. Sophia: That seems like a lot to grade. You should better get to it.

Dad: (Dad has finished grading the work) Why does no one try in my class? I know I told them about it way in advance. Iím not giving anymore retakes. They fail the retakes they get. Well, I will go over the tests with them tomorrow during class. I couldíve made a mistake. I probably shouldíve taken them home with me to grade overnight instead of having to come in. Well, since I came in Iím going to eat lunch and then figure out what they're doing for the rest of the week. (He goes to the staff lounge for lunch)

Act 4, Scene 3

The staff room has a table with comfy chairs and many staff members are seated around the table. The table is in a vertical line with the door, On the left of the table there is a black counter with a sink. On the table there is an array of food. It includes boxes of pizza, many types of chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, bagels and vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and celery.

Dad: Hey, everyone howís the day going?

Mr. Butler: Fine.

Ms. Correll: I wish I didnít have to be here today.

Mr. Krim: I got a lot done. Iím probably going to go home after lunch.

(Dad picks up a piece of pizza from the table)

Ms. Krutz: I have a lot more to do so I should get back to work.

Mr. Kimble: I didnít have much to do today. I came in to finalize my plans for my Honors Biology class. Iím going to look over the plan for my AP biology class and my on level class.

Dad: Well, I got a lot of different responses.

Ms. Krutz: (She stands up and begins to walk out) Goodbye.

(everyone says goodbye)

Dad: What have you done so far? What else are you going to do today. (Heís finished his slice of pizza)

Mr. Duckhorn: Iíve figured out the agenda for the week. I have to do some grading and input the grades Iíve done.

Ms. Spector: Iíve figured out what moves Iím going to teach my yoga classes what to do yet. I still have to input the grades from the computer test. That won't take long.

Ms. Spedhurst: I created a Kahoot for my NSL class to study for the test. The study guide has the exact same questions as the Kahoot. I just need to print the study guides out then Iíll be all set for the week.

Ms. Sophia: Well, I had to help you find the papers you needed to grade. I created a quizlet set so that I could give Quizlet tests. They will create their own tests. Iíll give them the study set. They have a day of class to practice. The next day I give them a list of requirements they have to follow to make the test. I remind them that they can only click once. I need to print out the papers of the reminders.

Dad: (Stands up and takes a cookie) Well, I would like to finalize my plans for the week so that I could head home early. Goodbye.

(Everyone says goodbye)

(He leaves the staff lounge and walks over to his classroom. Heís finished his cookie.)

Dad: Well, I like how the school is on one level.

(He sits down at his desk and begins flipping/ jotting on his notes)

Dad: (talking out loud to himself.) Well, on Wednesday weíll go over the test. Hmm. What day of the week should I do the pop test? Or should I do a pop quiz? Friday seems like a good day to turn in books. Well, that makes sense to take the pop test then. Well, that leaves Thursday. What should we do then? Would the pop test be better then? Yeah, Iíll do that Thursday. What should I do besides collect the book on Friday. Well, they shouldíve finished the book by nowÖ wait, I knowÖ they will have to write a timed essay on what they thought of the book. They have to mention emotions theyíve felt. I doubt anyone has read it. I won't let them use books or the internet so they will have to do it from memory. I hope this shows the students that they need to pay more attention and do better in my class.

(he jots down his final plan)

The paper says:

Wednesday- collect homework and review tests

Thursday- No homework due. Do pop test. Worksheet on book after test.

Friday- Collect sheets from yesterday. Collect books. Give out/ explain timed essay on Night by Elie Wiesel.

(Well, Iím going to head home now)

Act 4, Scene 4
It happens at the same time as Act 5 Scene 1
Dad walks out to the parking lot, gets in his car and drives home.

Dad: Well, I wonder what happened at home and what will happen at school. Will they realize what Iíve done? Do I want them to or not?

(Heís made it home and he gets out of the car. He walks to the door)

Act 5 Scene 1

Mom: ( hears the door opening) Iím sorry! I havenít found it.

Valerie: Have you been looking for the whole time?

Mom: Yes, I have. Iíve also cleaned up your room.

Valerie: Thank you. (To Meg) Well, I guess we could go up see my room.

Act 5 Scene 2
The set is Valerie bedroom with the door closed and there is room for someone to stand on the other side. There are stairs leading down to the dining room on the side where someone could stand. Beneath the stairs is the dining room. To the left is the kitchen and too the right is the parents bedroom.

(They cross the dining room and head upstairs to the bedroom) head up to Valerie's bedroom)

Valerie: Well, I donít remember the bedroom from last time because I havenít been here in so long. (They enter the bedroom)

Mom: (sitting on Valerieís bed) Hey, Meg. It is so nice to see you again. I want to tell Val something privately. It will only take a minute. Is that okay?

(Meg walks out and Valerie sits down on her bed next to Mom)

Valerie: What do you need to tell me?

Mom: I have a suspicion.

Valerie: Go on. What is it?

Mom: I believe Dad took your stuffed animal and donated it.

Valerie: Iíll ask Da-

(She gets cut off by the sound of the door opening)

Mom: Is that Dad home early?

Valerie: (runs down the stairs toward Dad) Did you donate my stuffed animal?

Dad: Howíd you find out so fast.

Valerie: Get it back to me NOW.

Mom: You can get another one. Meg is waiting for you. Let Dad in the house.

(She lets Dad in the house. Mom has gotten up from Valerieís bed and walked out)

Valerie: Sorry Meg, youíre going to have to wait a little while. Dad, why did you do it?

Mom: You can talk to Dad later. Go hang out with Meg.

Valerie: (angrily) I WILL not hang out until I have a reason.

Meg: (calmly) Do whatever you need to do. I can wait.

Mom: Your not helping. Dad has barely gotten in from work.

Dad: Okay, okay. The reason I did it is too show that you are too old for stuffed animals that you carry around with you. Itís fine if you keep them in the house.

Valerie: Did you know the significance of that stuffed animal?

Dad: No. I didnít but I knew it was your favorite stuffed animal.

(Meg leaves without notice)

Valerie: Why did you have to donate that stuffed animal?

Dad: I wanted the point I was trying to make be stronger. Also, think of the person who will appreciate the stuffed animal.


Mom: Calm down, calm down. Everything is going to be okay.

Dad: Iím sorry. I didnít know the significance. Please forgive me. I have something I can give you as a connection to him.

Valerie: Thank you. Where did Meg go?

Mom: Iím glad that everything is solved. Meg, either went up to your room or left without us noticing.

Dad: It was probably best that she left.

Valerie: I wanted to hang out with her longer.
Mom: You did take a long walk with her. I bet she has a lot of homework too do.

Valerie: I wanted to spend more time with her. Sheís so busy all the time. I donít know the next time Iíll see her.

Mom: (checks the clock) Itís 6 pm already. We should make dinner.
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Old 05-17-2017, 12:01 AM View Post #2 (Link) Critique for "The Lost Possession"
ac_writer (Offline)
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I liked the play a lot, especially the development of the characters. My only problem is with the ending. I thought the fight between the daughter and her dad was resolved to quickly. And what was the possession that the dad gave to Valerie to replace the stuff animal?
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Old 06-02-2017, 01:29 PM View Post #3 (Link) My critique
Rebekah (Offline)
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I liked the script that you have written. I think it's a good idea to write about it as that is a possible situation. However, I agree with ac_writer that it is solved to quickly with Valerie and dad is solved to quickly. I also think that the ending is a bit rushed as it kind of just finishes and Valerie now gets on with her dad and Meg just leaves. Although, that is the only thing that I think needs editing.

Have A Great Day!
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