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Old 05-04-2016, 07:05 PM View Post #21 (Link)
Dabs (Offline)
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Originally Posted by DestinyVamp View Post
Right but age matters doesn't it? I guess I am too young for it so I am planning to take a long break, it's only that I am never satisfied if I don't write.
What's this all about? No, age does not matter. I've met writers 12+ years older than me who are on my level, if not less experienced and knowledgeable. I've met people younger than me who've already done amazing things and been published in reputable magazines.
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Old 05-04-2016, 07:08 PM View Post #22 (Link)
lalodragon (Offline)
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It's more about what you've put into writing than about age. And as for taking time off to improve: you won't. You'll improve (and develop a style, which is what this thread is about) by writing. The best you can expect from taking time off is to not get any worse.
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Old 05-04-2016, 07:10 PM View Post #23 (Link)
DestinyVamp (Offline)
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Thanks guys now I can get back to writing and probably give a damn about my exams. Thanks
I can be by myself because I'm never lonely; I'm simply alone, living in my heavily populated solitude, a harum-scarum of infinity and eternity, and Infinity and Eternity seem to take a liking to the likes of me.
― Bohumil Hrabal, Too Loud a Solitude
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Old 04-16-2017, 11:50 AM View Post #24 (Link)
Mudy (Offline)
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Good advices, totally agree
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Old 04-19-2017, 07:25 AM View Post #25 (Link) Re: Developing a writing style Reply to Thread
MeganJones (Offline)
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Thanks for the information! I would like to apply these on my future writings.
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Old 11-02-2017, 09:21 AM View Post #26 (Link)
CindyAuthor (Offline)
Literary Newbie
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How long have you been at it. Usually, this develops over a long period of time along with experience.
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