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Old 06-20-2016, 09:19 PM View Post #1 (Link) Views form Germany (Part 1)
Emoijah Bridgs (Offline)
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I have submitted sections of this story in previous threads. I'd just thought I should submit it with the critique people have given me, now.
I am Empathy. No, really - I am. That is what I am and will always be. I step and explore, attempting to understand the feelings of someone else. See, I don't judge other people - at least I try not to until I get to comprehend where they are coming from. I enjoy the process of stepping into someone's else shoes. I mean that literally. Humans don't like do that. I can't grasp on that matter - why attempt to understand someone or something without stepping into one's shoes.
Be me for a change. I wish people could understand how difficult my job is. But, wait - of course they can't. They don't have me, Empathy.
But enough about me. Let's talk about something else. Let's go to...hmmm - the 1930s. What was happening in the 1930s? Oh yeah, that's right - Hitler was happening. And later on the Holocaust would happen. Before I carry on, let me apologize for a second. I want to make something clear. I am not God or any other foreign Super Natural power. I cannot control the future and prevent things from happening. As I stepped in 1930s Germany, I wish I could but I couldn't. If you would not like to read a book about understanding Hitler, the Jews, the Nazis or anyone in Germany for that matter - please put this book down and read something more pleseant and tranquil for the brain.
I remember humans telling me - I think I was standing at the gates of Dachau Concentration camp, "Oh, Hitler is such an evil man," or "I will never get Jews - those disgusting filthy creatures." When people attempt to stir your brain and step into Empathy's shoes to either contradict or give you another view on your claim, you stand stubborn.
See, this is why I don't fathom humans. As the famous German misanthropist Friedrich Nietzsche says, "Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations, epochs, it is the rule." Personally, I think he was being sarcastic in saying insanity in individuals is something rare. The whole of humanity is slow - all of them need desperate help. Okay, let me stop making fun of humankind.
So, to carry on for those who want to be like Empathy, I will tell you of my travels with a guy named Adolf Hitler, some Jews, some Nazis, a guy who gave Hitler the finger, and much more a regular human couldn't apprehend.

This was an interesting year for me to investigate. To be more specific, this was the year Hitler turned 8 years old. I thought, 'Oh, Hitler must have been in a wonderful home bossing all his siblings around - king of the house!'
But no. I was wrong. See, I had to go step in that house that year. Because that is what Empathy does. Obviously.

Hitler had five siblings, but all the others had deceased and Paula was the only one alive at the time. And besides the oldest one, Alois Jr. had run away from the home at 14. But more on that later, though. Hitler was living with his father Alois Hitler, his mother Klara Hitler and Paula. I decided to explore this particular year on a specific circumstance.
I decided to choose to be a 'new neighbor' of the Hitler's family. One day, I stopped in History by their house - as humans can say, to spy. I watched from the front window, observing.
Young Hitler was cleaning the floor and his sister was doing the dishes. A typical normal family. Alois walked in the kitchen, apparently in a bad mood. But what was new?

"Was machen Sie?" Alois yelled at Hitler, What are you doing?

Young Hitler stared at the floor, his arm rocking the old damp rag back and forth slowly.
Alois stormed in the kitchen right behind Young Hitler.
"Did you hear me, Blödmann!" (That means dumb A for the uneducated or non-German speakers) I would warn you - Alois was paticularly good at insults.

And yes, Young Hitler did hear him. That wasn't the question. The question was, Why are you not getting up and responding to what I just said, Blödmann? I don't get why people do that - just say exactly what you want to say.

Young Hitler kept interest in the floor, his shaking hands continuing with the rocking motion.

Alois grabbed the boy by the hem of his shirt and forced him to stand up.

"Answer me, you fool!"

Young Hitler stood there, his hands still shaking. A hand flew through the air and he slapped him. The boy fell back and held his face.

"Why are you done with the floor by now, you lazy Hurensohn!" he screamed. "Your sister here is nearly finished with the dishes and she has done the laundry. I've been gone for about an hour!"

"I - I," he stammered. "I have done most of the floor!"

Alois glared at the floor in pure disgust. "What is this?" he said. "You call this 'almost done'?"

He slapped him for the second time. Then, he slapped him again. A dark shade of red filled the left side of Young Hitler's face.

"Leave me alone!" he screamed.

Alois pushed the boy back and slammed him against the wall. A sister's scream was heard as the boy cried simultaneously. I watched as Young Hitler's father took off his ripped up, dying belt and lashed it out at him. Once, twice, three times, four times, five times - I quitted counting.
He kept lashing out all over his body as Hitler sobbed into the floor, his body on the ground. As Paula tried to grab at Alois' legs to stop him, Klara Hitler walked into the kitchen and yelled at Alois. He ignored her and stared coldly at his son.

"halte den Mund!" Shut up! He screamed to Paula, who was still screaming behind him. Immediately, she stopped.

That would just be one of the many times the boy would be abused by his father. Poor Hitler. Well, the young Hitler.
Writing is easy. All you do is cross out the wrong words.

Mark Twain

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Old 06-25-2016, 05:49 PM View Post #2 (Link) Germany
Writers_cat (Offline)
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I really like the idea of a story that you used all about Germany in the early 1900s. Hitler killed a lot of people
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