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Old 12-16-2013, 06:51 PM View Post #1 (Link) I'm new and don't know what to do
11jrowley (Offline)
Literary Newbie
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 3
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I'm alright but I don't know how to write my own stories I did but it wiped off and I can't find and how do you save your work I'm confused
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Old 12-17-2013, 01:39 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Infinity_Man (Offline)
Freelance Writer
Infinity_Man's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 1,407
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Hey jrowley! Welcome to YWO.

It sounds like you wrote something from scratch in one of the text boxes? I.E The things you reach when you select "New Thread" or "Reply"? If that's the case, then you should know there isn't actually a save option for those text boxes. That's because they're not for writing itself, but for posting your story or your comments to the forum. I suggest you work in a word processor on your desktop, like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or Notepad, whatever you have, something that can save your work as you write. Then, when you are ready to post your work, copy and paste your story into the appropriate text box on the forum.

If this does not reflect your experience, and therefore doesn't help you, please give us a few more details so we can better understand how to help you!

But first, please read the site rules here and note that we ask you to critique the works of others before you post your own work. Not sure how to critique? Not a problem! We have several helpful guides, such as this and this and this. You should read all of those. We aren't asking for much, just that you put a bit of thought into your comments for the benefit of the other writer.

I'm also going to point you to our guide on navigating the forum as well as our Newb guide!

Hopefully this helps you. I hope you enjoy your stay!
Infinity_Man's Mega Guide

Pro-tip: because my first instinct is to procrastinate anything I see as an obligation or responsibility, asking me for a critique is a good way to make sure I never give you a critique.
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Old 12-17-2013, 08:01 PM View Post #3 (Link)
11jrowley (Offline)
Literary Newbie
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 3
Points: 5
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Thanks for the help I will follow the guide you have gave me Infinity Man (:
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