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I have a friend who I think is in love with Franzen. Though to be frank, he's kind of a pompous ass. He even looks like Franzen, which is hilarious.

I did find Joey pretty irritating but I didn't hold the same sort of distaste for him as, say, the near-entire pompous cast of Game of the Thrones. He was just a little prick who thankfully SPOILER ALERT
fully realized the shit behind the business he got into and thus reality finally got to him.
But yes, his story did seem to end abruptly. I wouldn't say it was unresolved - rather there wasn't a memorable final scene from his POV. His story ran parallel to Walter's in that
they both had affairs and by the end returned to the person they were originally were with, albeit Walter took a while longer to do so. Joey realized Jenna was a fanciful infatuation that meant nothing. Walter was in denial about still being in love with Patty after he kicked her out and tried to start with Lalitha. And at first Walter and Joey didn't understand each other but the irony was that they were going through some of the same shit.

In reference to the format of the novel, at first I was like, "This is. . .weird?" but I really didn't mind it by the end. It was just different, and I like different.
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