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Originally Posted by Lykaios View Post
Ahhwow that's amazing though! Do you enjoy doing that work?

The forum's dead. I'm alright, working as a teaching assistant in a deaf school these days, which is great apart from the managerial failings/politics. I'm still writing that novel I began like six years ago, dabbling in poetry, making videos about books. Do you remember Lizzie? We live together now and that's great.
Yes! Spending hours thinking about commas is weirdly my dream. I did it for years here/at TW as a hobby, so it's nice to get paid for it. Also I have a degree in English, so it's nice to be able to use that as well.

Oh! That's so cool! So, you must know ASL/the British equivalent? I've been wanting to learn ASL; it is actually such a cool language.

Good for novel-writing! I had a concept for a novel when I first joined TW but didn't think I was a good enough writer to pull it off. Hence the joining TW. Now I just don't think it was a good concept. Sad that this forum is dead too... Sad we couldn't keep TW. I tried really hard to make that work and keep the peace and the place alive but was quickly unceremoniously dismissed by the new owner. *Sigh* How's the novel that going?

And of course I remember Lizzie! Oh my god. Of course! That's so funny. Good roomie choice!
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