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Originally Posted by Shrike125 View Post
the song by Turisas..To Holmguard And Beyond..or Maybe One More...or Rasputin
I'll look those songs up, as I think Turisas are awesome, but I was thinking one we make up rather than take another song.

Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Watch out cause here we come
It's been a while but we're back with style
So get set to have some fun
We'll bring you action and satisfaction

We're the chipmunks
We're the chipmunks
Guaranteed to brighten your day

When you feel like a laugh
Give us a call we'll give you a roll
And if you feel like a song
Tune in to us and sing right along

We're the chipmunks
Coming on stronger than ever before
We're the chipmunks
Alvin, Simon, Theodore

Yes...I have too much time on my hands.
Nice, Shaun. We love you, even if you have a load of time on your hands.
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