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This is the first chapter of The Butterfly Parade. I would love to hear your opinions and improvements.

Chapter 1

It was happening again. That same tingle of excitement, that same astonishing view across the meadows and that same remembrance of mum. It could only be, The Butterfly Parade.

My name is Molly, I'm 11 years old and I go to Higton High school. Now, I live with my 14 year old brother (Jake) and my dad (Chris). However three years ago, it was different as we lived with my mum as well.

When my life was normal, my mum and I used to watch the butterflies flutter off in different directions every Summer month. We started calling it the butterfly parade.(I can't quite remember why, but that's how we have always referred to it). It was the only thing that could calm me down after school and her after work, so it was our special moment. But now it’s an even more cherished time as I said, there is no mum anymore. I’ll tell you the story.
Three years ago I got stressed and worried over small things. (I still do sometimes). Mum was the only person I felt safe talking to. No one else understood. She had struggled at high school just like me, so she knew what I felt like. At times, I would shout out my family, when really it was anger from school. I got bullied; I told no one. I struggled with work; I told no one. Not even mum could help me at times. Some evenings, I was too angry or upset, so I shut myself in my bedroom and cried or shouted. She would always try and help, and even if I threw something at her, or screamed in her face, she would continue to try to get to the bottom of my actions. That’s why I loved her more than anyone else, no one could even compare to her. So, every Friday in the Summer term, we would walk to local meadows and watch the butterflies in silence. I would stare in awe at the pretty patterns on their wings, or the formations they flew in. It really was our happy place. Nothing could stop us going there, nobody, no emotion, no meetings, no clubs, no weather, nothing. I loved her and she loved me and at those moments, that was the only thing that mattered.
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