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What I have so far is something, but I am not proud of it. In my book, there's this guy that gets drunk and ends up doing a little foot stomping and singing on a table in a tavern. Can you guys help with the song? Here it is,

"Dance and sing at the jolly old pub
We are the bubs at this pub
have a mug of ale
If you want to run from life just take a sip to bail
I'll up and burst your gritty mug
Beer is a joy, Oh boy
The joy of the Day
Ale is the male off scale
Beer and song is the height of the night all along
When you sing a swing
At yer shady pub"

This isn't going to be all the song. I hope to add more if I can figure out a good topic and rhythm with rhyming. The song in a way is like an Irish jig. It needs to be a song that makes the reader want to dance. And the singer, by the way, has a pretty low voice.