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Anyone seen the film? Read the screenplay? Thoughts, opinions?

I haven't seen the film yet, but I'm planning to see it with Lizzie next weekend. I have however bought the screenplay, despite convincing myself it's nothing but the franchise trying to cash in as much as possible. What other film gets its screenplay published as a book anyway?

I'm not far in, but already the writing is a hundred times better than Cursed Child and so very plainly JKR's work. Her characters, the descriptions, the little details, the dialogue, the world -- everything feels right and her. I had a lot of feelings about Cursed Child and none of them were positive, and I don't intend to ever see the play itself. In my opinion CC is nothing but seriously overhyped fanfiction that JKR has no real choice but to endorse, which would also maybe explain why she's been so eager to be in control of the scriptwriting for Fantastic Beasts. But Fantastic Beasts seems intriguing so far and I'm really excited to see the film. I have an annoying condition that means loud noises cause me pain, so it's actually really useful to have read the screenplay first and be able to still know what's going on/being said if I'm having to block my ears from the noise.
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