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The Monkey Man sat atop the stone seating and crossed his arms. Estelle danced in the rain, letting the falling drops land upon her shape. She smiled and laughed, her clothes getting wetter and wetter in the downpour.
The Monkey Man just watched.
Phil was standing a few feet away from Estelle, watching with obvious desire. He wondered what he should say to her.
You look nice? No. That wouldn’t do.
He looked over at the Monkey Man.
The Monkey Man looked back.
Phil looked at Estelle.
She started singing in the rain. A song of birds and bees. A song of life and love.
Then the lightning struck. A deafening cackle in the pelting rain. The clouds shuffled above, pushing and fighting against one another. The rain faded away, slowly and quietly, as if it never was there in the first place.
All was still in the park, including the people.

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"Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain."
-Bob Dylan

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