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Originally Posted by Inkweaver View Post

I am probably a better photographer than a writer!
The last one is a pic of me and one of the chickens, there a couple with me and a pirate hat, but you don't wan't to see those, trust me.
While I do believe the pictures are nice, I think that they aren't in focus enough. Yes some of them do appear to be in focus but one more turn in the fine focus and it would be way better. Also the settings on your camera must be off because there is too much light being caught and sometimes there isn't enough. Also, the placement of your objects are off. Since most of your pictures are placed right in the middle, the viewer looks right at it and that's it. If you were to set it off to the side a bit, then the viewer would be more interested and look at the whole picture. Try taking pictures at other times in the day, but take in count that you need to change the setting to make sure they focus and lighting is correct for the picture.
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