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My heart skipped at the sight of fresh blood. The strange metallic odor coming from it made me gag.

I was never a fan of blood and gore, the very sight of it made my whole body tingle. After all, I'm just seven years old.

With trembling, sweaty hands I slowly stroked the motionless body of the creature lying in front of me.

It's soft brown feathers brushed against my cold fingers. It gave out a faint chirp and I quickly took away my hand, fearing I might hurt it even more.

Despite my hatred for the sight of blood, I sat down beside it. The poor creature was injured because of me and my little mind told me that leaving it like this was not the best solution.

A gush of cold wind brushed past me and the trees around me gave a creepy rustle. Taking Sourball for a walk in the woods was the worst idea I've ever had.

If I stayed at home, nothing like this would've happened.

"What are you doing?"

I stood up, startled.

It took me another second to turn around and face my attacker.

It was a little girl. She didn't look any older me. Her crystal blue eyes were scanning me. She had a small pointy nose and her face was covered with freckles, lots and lots of freckles.

And her hair, it ran down to her knees. She looked a lot like Rapunzel!

"Why do you look so pale and scared?" She asked breaking into my thoughts. "You have no right to wander in the woods at this time of the day!"

She knotted her eyebrows, trying to scowl.

I shrugged, "There's nothing wrong about that..."

Her eyes widened, "Oh, but there is! You see little children get lost if they wander into the woods alone, little boy!"

"But, you're little too," I replied, frowning.

"I live in the woods." She said in a tone filled with triumphant as if she won a battle.

"Are you Rapunzel?" I dared to ask.

The girl broke into a giggle, "Kinda like that."

"Where's the tower, you're supposed to be trapped in there."

Before she could answer, the little bird gave another faint chirp.

"Oh no, what happened to poor birdie?" She asked with a gasp and rushed over towards the little creature.

I bit my lower lip, trying to forget how my cat attacked the bird just a few minutes ago.

"Oh, you poor little thing," the girl said in a soft voice as she slowly picked it up.

"Careful," I muttered, feeling slightly guilty about not doing anything to help birdie.

"Did you do this?" She snapped, cradling the bird in her arms.

"No-no..." I mumbled. What if she was a forest spirit like, in those fairy tales. She'd punish me for hurting her animals.

"Then, what happened?" She asked taking a step towards me.

"My-my cat...attacked birdie," I muttered. " I-I tried to stop Sourball, but he-he didn't listen." Tears filled up my eyes making my vision blurry.

"Your cat attacked birdie, and birdie's the one who got hurt." She said looking thoughtful. "Then, why are you the one crying? You didn't do anything."

I stared at her, "I cry because I'm sad!" I replied, getting pretty tired of all her questions.

The girl smiled, she came closer and patted me on the head, "silly boy, you can go home. I'll take care of birdie, I promise."

"Who-who are you?" I asked, wiping snot off my nose.

"I'm the girl in the woods, duh!" She said with a smile.


"I have to go now," she replied, gently patting the bloody creature. Its blood was all over her light pink frock, but she didn't seem to mind it at all.

"Bye, Silly boy!" She said in a hurry and ran into the woods. That was when I noticed that she was barefoot. It looked strange.

I stood there, trying to figure out what just happened when a hand grabbed me firmly.

"Matthew Walker, what are you doing here all alone?" My mothers demanding voice pounded my ears.

"Is this blood on the ground?" her horrified voice made me cringe.

"What happened here, are you all right?" She asked bending down and shaking me hard.

"Sourball hurt a bird," I said tearing up again, "Sourball didn't mean to be mean, he-he..." I choked.

My mum hugged me, holding me tight against her. "Aww, sweetheart..."

Just then, I saw the girl peeking out from behind the huge trees nearby.

"Mum, look! That's the girl who told me that she'd help birdie," I said breaking free from her grasp.

"Which girl?" My mother asked looking around, confused.

"That girl mum, she's right there!" I said pointing my finger towards the bushes. Why can't she see her?

My mum brushed back a few strands of short brown hair from her face and glanced at me. "Matt, there's no one there."

"She's right there!" I said, marching towards the girl.

My mum stopped me halfway and dragged me by the hand,"come on, we're going home. Things like this happen when you spend too much time alone!"

"But she's right there!" I shouted trying to break free from her iron grip.

The girl was staring at me, tears brimming up her eyes. Birdie wasn't with her, and I could see that her hands were trembling.

"Mum, you made her cry!" I cried, trying my best to stop her.

"That is enough, Matthew!" She snapped, giving me a fiery glare. "There's no one there, and that's it, We're leaving!"

"But, Sourball..."

"He'll find his way back," She said in her usual stern tone. "You're not allowed to wander alone again, do you hear me?"

She asked without loosening her grip.

I nodded, glancing once more at the strange little girl.

She ran into the woods, and I doubted whether I'd see that mysterious girl again.
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