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Originally Posted by Tegzz View Post
Hey! Life is good. I'm working as a writer and editor in new media for the federal government. I'm looking at getting certified as an editor and had flashbacks of TW/YWO. Ahhh the good old days.

So, I haven't written anything creative in a long time, but I spend a lot of time writing content for, like, social media and such. I also spend a loooot of time reading about grammar. So, that's fun! (Genuine comment.)

What about you? How's the forum? How's life?
Ahhwow that's amazing though! Do you enjoy doing that work?

The forum's dead. I'm alright, working as a teaching assistant in a deaf school these days, which is great apart from the managerial failings/politics. I'm still writing that novel I began like six years ago, dabbling in poetry, making videos about books. Do you remember Lizzie? We live together now and that's great.
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