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Hello, all!

Yesterday early afternoon, I decided that there should be a video version of a how-to critique. One specifically for YWO did not exist, so no problem, I made one!

It is hosted on Youtube and privacy is set to unlisted, so should mostly only come up if you go to the direct link. In theory. I do plan to add closed captioning when I get a chance, but as of yet the video is not close captioned.

This was way harder than I expected it to be. I've never critiqued out loud before. Speaking, writing, and thinking all at the same time was a juggle. I feel bad that I could have possibly given 2sh4r a better critique if I'd been silent, but then, that defeats the point of the video. Lizzie, who I've discovered posted right after me, has posted a very good critique and so I'll live with that.

I still write based off advice that was in Infinity_Man's signature when I first joined, which I don't remember exactly but is reflected throughout most of the video, so that was funny to realize. I do give some advice on how to critique, but mostly this is just my own way of critiquing, and I don't even always do it exactly the same anyway.

If you decide to watch it, I'd love to hear about how your style of critique is different from mine! Is there anything I forgot that you want to add?

Thanks so much to 2sh4r, Isis, and lalodragon for letting me use their work. (ps sorry lalodragon I call you 'he' and 'they' a million times, not once 'she'. I don't know why I did that.)
Definitely let me know if you'd like a critique--- I'd love to.
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