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It should technically be all right. It might be a good idea to put a warning in the post, because there are younger members here. See numbers three and four:

Originally Posted by Rules For Posting Literature
  1. Don't submit more than one thing per day. Submitting something that's 100 pages long will probably be ignored by members - it's too much! And submitting 5 poems in a single day won't give members a chance to read them all. Moderation is key.
  2. Give at least two critiques for each piece you submit. The more critiques you write, the more people will critique your own work.
  3. Use content warnings. If you think your story is not suitable for certain audiences, put a content warning at the top of your post saying so. Also, try to leave offensive material out of the thread's title.
  4. No explicit sex or obscene violence Do not post anything that is explicitly sexual or obscenely violent without prior approval of a moderator or administrator. Explicit sex is a detailed description of sexual activity of any kind. Obscene violence is violence for the sake of violence, which does not enhance a story or move the plot forward. If in doubt, please contact a staff member to make sure your submission is okay.
  5. Please follow our guidelines for giving critiques

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