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Job McCony is 30. He has been wandering the Milky Way Galaxy for some time now on his ship The Silver Phantom. Well, it's not really his ship, he kind of just took it from the hangar back on Asteroid 666, the galaxy's finest resort. Job quit his job as the clerk for Space Hotel, finally deciding to explore the cosmos as a "spacer." That old job took up most of his young adulthood and even though he had quite a few interesting escapades, he realized he needed to see the galaxy. He finds it hard to relate to most people and aliens though - his biggest secret that nobody else knows is that he's from the past - 2010 to be exact, and he's stuck in in the year 3107. He doesn't know if he'll ever go back or how - or if he even wants to. People often mistake him for an "antiquarian", which is someone who believes the styles and methods of the past are better than now.

(But for the sake of this exercise, ask as if you know already that he's from the past)
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