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Yes shadow speak it like it is. We teens are smart just because we visit this site thats right =]

in my opinion ((not like mine should really matter being that I've been here a grand total of 3 hours)) but I think that

Most Potential
Most Creative Writer
Most Dedicated Member
Most Creative Poet/Lyricist
Most Helpful

I was also wondering that maybe when we get some more activity ((in terms of # of members))then maybe we can start doing these monthly with two sections. One section of awards for writing and one section of awards would be a personality contest ((most popular, most helpful, cutest couple, etc. etc.)) and the first section would have ((most unique writer, best rper, best story of the month, etc. etc.)) I know thats how we did this on other sites I've been on.

Just a thought
Now that I'm back I'm open for critiques. PM if you'd like me to critique your poetry and/or Realistic Fiction.

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