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I'm too stunned to run away.

I guess I'll talk more about myself... I'm from Baltimore and I'm a freshman in college majoring in Journalism. I've never gotten anything published except in like my high school's newspaper (I was the Editor) and literary magazine. I wrote and directed a play in my senior year that the Introduction to Theatre class performed. I also wrote for my friend's comedy site for a while, ranting about people I served at a restaurant I used to work at or writing short stories about a vegetable-themed superhero.

Besides reading and writing, my other interests include: making short films (so far I wrote and acted in one available at It's called Deipnophobia Illustrated. I played Jonathan. I have a couple other scripts I'd like to shoot, but no time), medieval combat reenactment, drama, mythology, chess, paintball, laser tag, art (I draw, paint, and make pottery), eating exotic foods, improv comedy, Latin, history, and that kind of stuff. I'm not much of an athlete but I love playing baseball and football with friends.

And those are some facts about me.
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