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So, plan of action is in place-ish. But! I need a staff team that is actually active, and not just lurking and never contributing to the site and staff discussions. I'm looking for 8-10 new moderators. Yep, this is a lot, and I might not actually mod that many people, but I'm optimistic -- it'd be great to have a lot of people, really. Makes the job easier for the whole team, especially while I/oldies do bits of training for you, and means we can take it easy and make sure all new mods are up to speed with the aim of their role.

So the requirements are quite loose at the moment, but the aim is to eventually not be reliant on old members, so I'm really especially looking for newer/younger members (though oldies, if you're willing to help, you're most welcome right now while this goal is a little bit in the sun-hazy distance). Depending on numbers I might pair people up if we have a good mix of oldies/newbies. This is also a reason why I'm hoping to mod so many people at once.

Requirements to apply:

* You must have been a member of YWO for at least 18 months.
* You must have critiqued at least twice in this time

Desirable but not essential requirements:

* Be at least 14 years old but under 22 years old.

Your role, to start with, will be different to the role of moderators past. I don't want you guys to be messaging members about critiques unless you're confident to do so in the right manner, and I don't want poor critiques at this time to be deleted. You won't be banning anyone yet. The focus instead will be much more relaxed (so if you have zero moderating experience, don't worry about it, you'll be shallow-end first). You'll be doing things anyone can do - starting topics, critiquing, maybe we might look at starting up workshops, competitions/challenges, and small mentoring things again. As well as getting used to mod tools (such as deleting duplicate threads, merging threads/posts), learning to work with the rest of the team, and learning to moderate the chatroom when I put it up.

I don't want any younger members to be put off from applying because the green names look scary, mkay? This site if for you, and you are our vision, so it'd be great if you got the chance to play a part in it.

So yes, applying's easy - simpy PM me with your interest. If you have moderation experience, that'd be good to know, too, and also if you have a particular interest in moderating specific areas for the forum (for example, one member has already messaged me with their interest in the poetry forum).

Questions and worries can be posted in this thread or VMed to me (my inbox might be a little full).


Also to all current mods - I'm giving you all two weeks (14/10/15) to either post in this thread, a thread in the staffroom, or VM/PM me to confirm your interest in remaining a mod. I won't be contacting any of you directly as some of you I fear just lurk, and my notification popping up in your inbox isn't an indication of how interested you are in helping this site grow, or in the site in general. Some of you have not contributed at all to discussions in the staffroom or on the site in general over the last few months.

If you do not make contact in this time, then I will de-mod you. This, however, doesn't mean you can't be modded again if you get in contact with me after this time/event. But really, I only want active/interested mods, and if your life is busy and grown-up, and YWO's just nostalgia for you now, then maybe the moderation team's not the role for you right now?
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