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Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I have to.

Sorry. *ahem*

Welcome to the forum! No need to worry - we all start out pretty bah-sic when we arrive, but, given time, effort & a willingness to learn, you'll soon be critiquing like a boss. And y'know... writing like one too. I find that one usually feeds into the other.

Sweet! I love J.K too - I grew up reading those books! She was, in many ways, my first introduction to the wonderful, wacky world of writing. I haven't actually heard of Daniel O'Malley, but it sounds like he's in good company! My hubby *loves* Dan Brown! (I went off him a little after Inferno. -shrugs- When you know the source material forwards, backwards and inside out, it hurts a little to see it used poorly.)

I hope you really enjoy your time here! Let us know if we be of any help to you!
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