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Originally Posted by Lord_of_Electricity View Post

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PLEASE!!! CRITIQUE!!!! i need your help lol
Here's Raine from ParaShi (a story that's in the works of maybe becoming a manga).
I've been working on her for sometime but I'm kinda at a loss on what i should do.
Sorry for the quality of the picture i had to take the pic with a camera.
Here's my deviantart name if anyone cares: lisusha. I'll be adding more stuff soon=]

Original creators of ParaShi:

Here's their deviantart names: Bassara, nuriko-kun
ParaShi website:
Your particular style reminds me of the anime used for the Twilight Bracelet (has nothing to do with vampires). I like it it definetly needs darkening and maybe color. But also it would fill up the page and make it look more full if you put something in the background, like a tree or a desert of a sky scene or fire... really just anything but other than that it's BEAST!!
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