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Originally Posted by Lord_of_Electricity View Post

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Here's Raine from ParaShi (a story that's in the works of maybe becoming a manga).
I've been working on her for sometime but I'm kinda at a loss on what i should do so PLEASE CRITIQUE!!!
Sorry for the quality of the picture i had to take the pic with a camera.
Here's my deviantart name: lisusha. I'll be adding more stuff soon=]

Original creators of ParaShi:

Here's their deviantart names: Bassara, nuriko-kun
ParaShi website:

so this is a very pretty drawing. my suggestions are to consider darkening the iris and pupils of her eyes so they don't appear glazed over/stoned, since the outline around her eyes is significantly darker. if you're looking to add to the drawing, you could consider using color.

- e