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Wooo, so it's November second!

Yesterday was an awesome day, I must say. Got home form college at around 1pm and set to work right away, warring with TW chatroomies. Then I took a bit of a break to do some painting, and then went back to writing for the rest of the night, warring on and off. I have a milk-carton of tropical fruit juice and a whole bar of Cadbury's left from my stockup (which actually wasn't as big as I thought it was . . . ) and I reached 6,041 just before midnight.

Sanity levels are about so-so, which is good, because I have homework. D: So they'll probably shoot up in the next couple days. Wrote another 1000 words during a free period today, and I'm about to get going with it again to get a nice squashy buffer in case the worst happens.

Oh, and I'm not writing what I intended to write, but continuing a short I started in August which should be finished around the 20k mark, and I've also gone back to an old story I wrote a bit for, but never did anything with. I've been using a character from that story in TW's character chats, so he's been yabbering away in my head for weeks, and I thought I'd give him some storyspace.

Anyhoo, no rants on the horizon yet, though maybe later this week . . .

EDIT: Also, serious kudos for Charlie, who comes around here sometimes, for reaching 50k on only day 2. O.o
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