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" Let the ant live"
Don't give
Pain to the ant,let them live
They are tiny creature
That do moil for future
They are not to be compare with the grasshopper,
That enjoy in summer,and die during winter.

Ants have no taught of leadership,
But they work in partnership.
They got no pay,
Yet they toil continually all day.
They got a great aim,
We have to learn from them.

Candle's story.
I was made by thee,
For I to be use;you gave me a crown,
Little did I no you fired me
Yet I didn't give a frown,
Because am helpless, like a baby,
In a burning town.

In agony and bitterness,
I got myself melted into hot wax sweat,
Chasing away the shadow of darkness,
using all my exhausting strength,
To bring forth the garment of brightness,
Nevertheless; my light was finite.
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