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Are the only greats people who wrote poetry 100 years ago?
No. My wording was just confusing.

The large majority of poetry comes from over a hundred years ago though (I think the English tradition extends about 800 years before the advent of imagism), and most of "the greats" aren't modern. And if you look at the poetry of a hundred years ago, you won't see all that many clear images. Well, I hate saying that because it isn't strictly true.

Maybe, its better to say it like this: some poems don't have a lot of clear images, but they're still powerful. That's because the author uses whatever device they're using very well. Regardless, beginner poets should try to master the skill of creating images.

Is the best way to use imagery with restraint? Are there other useful, powerful ways to use imagery?
I mean yea. I don't care how you use a device if its powerful or interesting.

How does one know the exact right moment to use an image, and only an image?
Via practice and intuition.
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