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So the next question has to be, why do we link multiple tangible things? What are we adding? Why isn't naming enough?
I think that - for the poet at least - there might be something pleasurable about viewing the world via metaphors and similes. For example, today, when I was walking to class, a girl's heels going clack clack clack against the pavement drew my attention. I thought "the clack clack clack-ing of heels is like a mating call", and I was pleasantly surprised at the strange connection my mind had just made. I jotted it down later and thought that I might use it in a poem.

I think that those little connections that we make in our minds are idiosyncrasies. And underneath all the love of words, intellectual exercises, etc., poets might just want to express those idiosyncrasies and be understood. But I don't know. That's a guess. That's what Anne Carson believes too. We studied her last semester.

I'm curious as to why readers enjoy reading poems that ask them to bend their minds and make strange connections that they couldn't see at first.
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