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I do have a suggestion. Can we move our "Community, Literature, Misc" links to the left and try to make them a bit more noticeable? To be honest I didn't see them at first when I came on, and I imagine some other people will have the same issue. That might be an issue for us. We need first time users to instantly see that the site is a writing site, so maybe put the Literature link first, and maybe rename all of the links: Writing Section, Community Section, Misc. Section. That way people know things are split. And perhaps try to do something to them that makes them a bit more noticeable. Maybe enlarge them, curve the boxes or something. Just something that catches the eye. Perhaps a note someone in the forum section that tells people not to forget about the other sections. The one thing YWS has that makes this easy is an opening page that shows the sections split up. Right now we don't have that. Perhaps we'll do that too, but that would be too much like YWS and we want to try to be somewhat original in our approach.

What do you think?
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