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Taking it easy is not in my nature, Zomb.

Also, you're suggesting something that is completley out of the jurisdiction of Shaun and Andy, so I don't necessarilly see the use here other than to provoke hot-headed mods like myself. Its not like Shaun and Andy can force us to be on more, I posted what I did to try and rationalize the criticisms (they are still that, albeit warranted criticisms), from our prespective. I'm not trying to retalliate against anyone. You can read my post as my own "complaint" against the lack of specific calling out of members or threads for the mods to deal with.

I think it would have been rather clever on my part to leave nothing but a short witty reply in the vain of "1. Members don't seem to want to report issues to mods through pm/visitor message" in response to your post, shame I didn't think of it sooner. Now I just sound like a smartass. I will say that I tried my darndest to keep it diplomatic, and if it came off as an insecure retaliation (which, in fact, it was) I apologize.
Now that I'm back I'm open for critiques. PM if you'd like me to critique your poetry and/or Realistic Fiction.

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