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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Take Saturday, that's fine. I'm going to do Tuesdays starting next week. I couldn't get to it this week as I had an essay and too much to do today due to procrastinating over the weekend...not to mention a LOT of issues with a new campaign from TW about causing problems here, which goes to show their immaturity (their being the members wanting to bash's really sad that they have nothing better to do).

If it's alright for me to ask this, but could all of you guys be sort of an extra set of eyes for a while? We're announcing a new mod, but I think between the three of us we're still going to be a little pressed to catch everything immediately. So if you guys see anything that seems to violate the rules, etc. please please please PM Andy or I or the new mod. I might as well just tell you guys it's GeorgeMichael...he's being made into one hopefully tonight. I just want to make sure Andy and I don't get stressed dealing with their crap...because when we get stressed it can cause problems and I really want to make it seems as much as possible that their behavior really doesn't cause us any issues . I think it's funny really...just a little irritating to have to watch them like hawks.
Oh, trust me...I'd be the first one to report things like that. Heck, this is site has been a haven for me, and I'll be damned if I let hostility and uncivility run through it.
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