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So this is the first chapter of my story and I definitely want it critiquing. It's meant to be quite informal and written in a maybe funny and informal way. It's also written from the perspective of a teenage girl.
If you have seen the thread in artwork called 'For my book', this is the story I want illustrations for.
Thanks, and I hope you like chapter 1 of 'Our week of Freedom'.

Picture the scene

So, picture the scene. I’m Alex (Alexandra, but I can’t stand being called that), and I have an unidentical twin sister called Megan. I am older by 2 minutes and I never stop reminding Megan of that (which she hates). Even though we wind each other up, we get on pretty well. Usually. Anyway, we both took are GSCE’s last term and now it’s the summer holidays. We got are results last week and... we both smashed it! So now, all that we want to do is party, hang out with our mates and generally chill. However there is one problem: mum. She is soooo strict and just wants us to revise for year 12! Dad, on the other hand, doesn’t want that, he wants us to be able to forget school for a couple of weeks and just relax, but if you disagree with our mum, you’re toast and I know that only too well. Now, it’s their 20th wedding anniversary in a couple of days and to celebrate they are going to Venice for a whole week! Leaving us two home alone for a whole week! I’m soooooooo happy right now. Meg and I know exactly what we are going to do when they’re away. PARTY! (But please don’t tell mum).

Have A Great Day!
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