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Hi, I'm quite excited to be a part of this group. Writing is one of my favorite things ever, but I've never really tried talking to any other writers or getting any feedback from them, so I think and hope that this will be a pretty nice experience. Most of what I write is poetry, I love both reading and writing it. My favorite types of poetry to write are free verses and sonnets. I hope that as I grow as a writer, and get better at it, I will be able to move on to making things like short stories or novels; But I don't think that I'd be good at that yet. Some other things that I also really like (besides writing), are rock and punk music, psychology, Young Animal comics, the Boston Celtics, and memes. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people here and get better at writing. Hopefully I'll get better at conclusions too, because I'm not sure how I should end this if I'm being honest.
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